10 Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas, No Shopping Required

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Fancy Dress

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It’s happened to every student: a fancy dress party invitation gets sent your way and you start counting your pennies, only to come to the sinking realisation that you can’t use any of them on things like costumes if you want to be able to afford any drinks.

Well don’t despair, because here are ten easy peasy, last-minute ideas!

1) Ghost
This could be considered cliché, but if it’s not Halloween it could be quite original. Simply cut some eye holes in a sheet. If it’s pink, you’ve got sunburn. If it’s blue, you’re sad. You get the idea.

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2) Robot 
Chances are you haven’t taken the recycling out yet, so grab all the cereal boxes you can and coat them in tin foil! Toilet roll tubes can also be fashioned into an endless number of guises.

3) Out of Work Clown
Times are hard. Imagine how tough it must be for clowns. Try a Joker-ish style: smear lipstick on with bright eye shadow and combine with subdued clothing to represent the state of Britain today. How political.
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4) Edward Scissorhands
Warning – not to be attempted with real scissors. You want a kebab at the end of the night, not one mid-party made out of all your friends. Fashion scissor-looking implements out of cardboard and tin foil. Back-comb your hair and wear as many items of black clothing as you can.
Edward Scissorhands Costume Adult

5) Robin Hood
Dress in green, use a coat-hanger as an impromptu bow and those chopsticks you got from the Chinese takeaway as makeshift arrows.
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6) Superperson
More like super easy. Simply wear your underwear over jeans or tights. Add a bin bag cape and cardboard mask for optimum world-saving.

7) Lion/Cat
Cardboard ears on a headband, dark eye make-up, back-combed hair and a few whiskers and a little triangular nose. Meow we’re talking.

8) Roman
Togas are all the rage. Find an old sheet and some leaves from whatever is growing outside to act as olive branches and pick up a bunch of grapes as a snack. Then you can legitimately spend the whole night in the vomitorium if you wish.
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9) Ventriloquist 
This one is perfect for all of those harbouring a secret closet full of stuffed toys. Simply take one of the toys that you were supposed to have grown out of and try and then talk with your mouth shut all night!

10) Your Identical Twin
The ultimate in cheap fancy dress outfits: just go as yourself. Maybe add a beauty spot to a cheek so people can tell you ‘apart’. Be warned though, fancy dress purists will not be impressed at your lack of effort.

So whether your house is full to the brim with crafty bits and bobs or you just have a few felt tip pens and some empty boxes, it’s completely possible to make an outfit from whatever is lying around!

These are just a few of my tried and tested costumes, but have you ever had to fashion a last minute fancy dress costume? How did you do it?

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Jenny Duck is a recent graduate who has perfected the art of finding a fancy dress costume and still having money left for Jägerbombs.  She writes for GKBC Academy.

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