10 Things Every Parent Misses

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There’s no denying that life with small children can be a challenge. Gone are the days of recklessness or laziness; with kids, you’re on duty every minute of every day. While parenting is certainly joyous and rewarding, there are the top 10 things you probably miss about life before kids:

1)    Privacy/silence

Prior to having kids, you could cook dinner, do the laundry, or watch TV in peace. You could also close the bedroom door and have complete and utter privacy any time you wanted. With kids, these two basic freedoms are the first to be sacrificed.

2)    Fashion

Forget about what’s trending on the runways; these days, you’re happy if you can find a shirt that doesn’t have a stain on it. Even if your clothes start out clean at the beginning of the day, they’re sure to be looking a little worse for wear by lunchtime.

3)    Clean house

Abandoned toys on the living room floor? Spaghetti stain on the carpet? These days, rooms can look like a tornado hit them mere moments after you’ve finished cleaning them.

4)    Old grooming routine

Gone are the days when you could take however long you wanted bathing, getting dressed, or doing your hair. With kids, your grooming routine is stripped down to the very basics, and depending on the day, sometimes skipped altogether.

5)    Entertainment

When was the last time you went to the cinema to see a film that wasn’t animated? What about the last time you listened to your favourite album? With kids, it’s hard to imagine what life was like when “entertainment” didn’t mean going to a One Direction concert…

6)    Hobbies

Before parenthood, you used to have interests and hobbies. Remember those afternoons you’d spend reading in the park or those nights when you’d go salsa dancing with friends? Now, free time is spent paying bills, running errands, and maybe stealing a quick nap.

7)    Travel

Before parenthood, you may have backpacked through Europe or taken a relaxing beach holiday to the Caribbean. Now your holiday itineraries are tailored to the interests of the little ones, which means more theme parks and petting zoos instead of spa treatments and adventure sports.

8)    Money

Before kids, you could occasionally splurge on a fancy dinner or new outfit. With kids, extra money goes to replacing the trainers or jeans they just grew out of, or buying emergency meds for the cold they just caught at school.

9)    Reckless nights

Remember when your weekends used to be carefree? You could stay out all night drinking pints in a crowded bar, sharing your brilliant (read: drunken) insights with friends. Now, a night out means hiring a sitter, being home by curfew, and setting your mobile to the highest volume in case of emergencies.

10) Weekend lie-ins

No more lazy Saturday mornings or Sunday morning hangovers. Having a lie-in is next to impossible when you’ve got little ones jumping on the bed demanding breakfast at the crack of dawn…

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Theresa is a new mother and loves her daughter dearly, but can’t help but remember fondly the days before nappy changes and night-time feeds.

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