10 Things You Should Have in Your Make Up Kit

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Your best makeup products kit is not a bag that you carry just to make you look good at all times. It is a your beauty ‘first aid kit’ to help you look and feel good. Here are 10 things that you should have in your make up kit:




A lotion or moisturizer is an important make up tool that will ensure that you do not get affected by harsh weather conditions. A layer of lotion before you leave home is not enough to keep you cool and soft and this is why you should keep it in your bag, just in case you need to freshen up.




Blemishes and dark spots are always a problem for women and having a concealer in your bag will make it possible for you to cover them up.


Translucent Powder


One of the key concepts of make up is that it should look natural. Having translucent powder in your kit will ensure that you are bright and glowing without giving away that exaggerated ‘make up’ look.




Eyeshadow is a make up kit must-have that will bring out the color of eyes more vividly. Not only does it give a dramatic look, but it also accentuates your natural eye color.


A Set of Brushes


It is always good to carry a set of brushes so that you can clean up any part of your make up at any time. Make sure that they are soft and round so that you can use it for any part of your face such as your eyes, cheeks or chin.


Eyelash Curler


You should keep this in case there is an occasion where you need to look good in order to impress. The eyelash curler is perfect to create a dramatic chic look.




Always make sure that you carry your blush so that you can add the hint of color to your cheeks whenever you get the chance.




One of the items that you should never leave home without. Using mascara is a great way to hide the weariness in your face.





Arguably the most important item in your kit. Make sure that you carry a couple of lipsticks so that it matches with any clothes you wear.




Eyeliners always come in handy when you need to accentuate the shape of your eyes. Always carry two eyeliners – a dry one and a liquid one.

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