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4 Generous Acts to Make This Easter Special

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Between the chocolates and the painted eggs, the bunny and the jelly beans, much of the spiritual message of Easter is often forgotten. Regardless of your beliefs, Easter is meant to be a time of reflection and giving thanks for the blessings you have. Do something big this Easter to demonstrate your generosity in the spirit of the holiday. Donate your time or donate your possessions to raise money and hold events that will make the holiday memorable for those in need.

Donate Your Old Car

Maybe you’re getting ready to sell an old car and buy a new one. Maybe you’ve been storing an older clunker in your garage or yard for months or years. This Easter, arrange to donate your vehicle. The large amount of money raised impacts charities around the globe; learn more here about the types of charities that will benefit from your donation. Encourage friends, family and colleagues with extra vehicles to do the same.

If you’re worried you’ll be missing out on money you could use to put toward a new vehicle, consider the fact that you’ll be able to write off the donation on your taxes next year. Donating takes far less time and effort than trying to sell an old car that might never sell, and it’s perfectly in line with your goals to be more generous this Easter.

Organize an Easter Brunch

Think about your best Easter memories, and they probably involve an Easter brunch. Whether you’ve cooked one at home or you’ve met friends and family at a restaurant that morning, filling up on rich, delicious breakfast foods while enjoying each other’s company is an experience that can’t be missed. Unfortunately, many people can’t afford a big Easter brunch; for them to have these memories, they must rely on the generosity of others. Organize an Easter brunch or work with a shelter in your community that plans one to raise money to purchase supplies. Volunteer to cook and serve food on Easter. Get your loved ones to join in, and make new memories helping others Easter morning.

Put Together a Crafting Event

Decorating Easter eggs is many children’s favorite Easter tradition, but some parents can’t afford to waste the eggs or are too busy working to play with them. Invite children from families in need and around the community to join you in an Easter-day crafting event. You might:

  • Decorate eggs
  • Create construction-paper rabbits, chicks, flowers and other spring-like symbols
  • Make crafts out of jelly beans
  • Decorate spring-colored cupcakes
  • Paint and color Easter drawings

You might also organize your crafting event at a retirement home in your community. Many retirement home residents are left alone, which can be especially painful during holidays. Brighten their spirits and invite neighborhood children along to craft with the elderly.

Organize an Easter Basket Goodie Drive

If you don’t consider yourself particularly crafty, organize an Easter basket goodie drive instead. Provide parents who can’t afford to stuff baskets with fake Easter grass, chocolate rabbits and other candies. Ask for financial donations and buy the supplies yourself or ask people and stores to provide new baskets and candy. Arrange for these parents to pick up the baskets your drive puts together a few days before Easter.

Parents can hide the baskets and pretend they’re from the Easter bunny to keep a magical tradition alive in their homes, or some may choose to bring their kids along to pick up the baskets, so kids have the opportunity to thank you in person. If the people who donate to your drive prove especially generous, you might also include small toys in the baskets and give grocery store gift cards to the parents when they pick up the donations to be put toward an Easter brunch or dinner.

CNN estimates Americans spend a combined $17.2 billion celebrating Easter. If even the smallest portion of American’s Easter resources could be put toward helping those in need, Easter could turn into one of the most beneficial days of the year for charitable causes. Be thankful for your blessings this Easter and encourage friends and family to do the same by incorporating generous acts into their routines this Easter season.

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