4 Great Personalised Christmas Presents

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With Christmas fast approaching you may be starting to panic about what presents you are actually going to buy for your loved ones. For the vast majority of people the days are gone when you’ll just buy a DVD or a CD, people are now looking for more of a personalised, thoughtful present. This article will give you a few ideas on the type of presents you could go for that will set you apart from the rest.


A hamper is a very creative present to buy, it is entirely up to you what you put in it. You could go down the ‘retro sweet’ route if you feel the person would enjoy it or you could go down more of a traditional wine and cheese avenue. No matter what you decide to actually put in it the presentation of it will be excellent and the person will definitely appreciate it.

Engraved Items

Engraving is a nice way to commemorate occasions and make something that would otherwise be an inanimate object a little more personal. Whether you are buying jewellery, a lighter or watch placing an engraving on it looks great. There are various styles and tecniques you can use to engrave items, if it is expensive then the best and most impressive way to go is laser engraving. Companies like LaserCut Works offer great laser cutting services and laser engraving in London.


This is a classic Christmas present, jewellery always goes down well and really shows how you understand what each other likes in the process. If however you want to make it even more personalised then you can hand make or design jewellery online and get them custom made at a much cheaper price than you would imagine.


Making your own perfume/aftershave is really easy now. There are shops and stalls set up around the country than enable you to go in, have a discussion with one of the mixers and pick out specific flavours that you and/or your partner likes, this can range from anything from sandalwood to ginger and can really create the ideal custom made perfume. You will then be given the list of ingredients you used so you can re-create it over and over again in the future.

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