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5 Celebrities Rocking the Ponytail: Reviving a Classic Look

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While the male ponytail may have experienced a steady decline in popularity since the early 1990’s, its female counterpart remains particularly stylish and in vogue. There are a number of modern celebrities and Hollywood legends who have rocked this look during the last few years, while a new a generation of stars are also making it their own. Here are 5 famous celebrities who have embraced the ponytail and given it a distinctly modern twist in recent times: –

Kristen Stewart: A childhood star who is most famous for her role in the highly successful Twilight franchise, Kristen Stewart remains one of Hollywood’s brightest lights. She has often flirted with the ponytail look, most famously at the 2010 MTV Music Awards where she wore a wraparound style and chic, gold dress, and tends to carry it with finesse and youthful style.

Mila Kunis: Another leading light of female Hollywood beauty, Mila Kunis is a young lady who has favoured a number of hairstyles in a relatively short career. She is often seen wearing a loose, messy ponytail, however, which puts a distinctly modern twist on a classic style. This has become a widely imitated look, especially among young girls in the U.S. and UK.

Molly Sims: While ponytails are typically associated with straight hair, more modern incarnations have been known to incorporate a host of alternative styles. Take the look adopted by Hollywood actress Molly Sims, for example, which combines a perfect wavy ponytail with blonde highlights to cultivate a truly memorable and unique look.


Nicole Scherzinger: No list of modern ponytails would be complete without including Nicole Scherzinger, who is most famous as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls and as a judge on UK talent show The X Factor. Her favoured look is a classic, sleek ponytail with a deep central parting, and this has become an almost iconic style in the wake of her success on both sides of the Atlantic.

Kim Kardashian: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian remains one of the highest earners outside of Hollywood, and her image is the single most important weapon in her armoury. Her sleek, high tossed ponytail is a key feature of her glamorous and sexy sense of style, which has defined her career as she has become a globally recognized celebrity.

The Last Word

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