5 College Degrees That Offer the Most Career Flexibility

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In this day and age, getting a college degree could either be a waste of time or an incredibly smart return on investment, time, energy and countless sleepless nights. This whole idea of college being worth it, or not, is controversial, because the collegiate industry is a foundation that is built on the idea that in order to make it in this world, you need to spend at least four years slaving away to get your degree. However, this is only partly true – the world is very different now and there are a lot of ways to land a career with your own tools and resources – tools and resources that you didn’t pick up in college. Yet, there are some degrees that can be incredibly wieldy on your career path. Here are five college degrees that offer the most career flexibility.

  1. Media communications. In this day and age, having a broad degree in the media communications field can put you in the position of being qualified for multiple different careers. For instance, you could work in the field of advertising or you can work in another medium altogether. Not only that, but anytime that there is a communications position open, you could apply and tailor your skills according to that particular position.
  2. Business administration. Getting your MBA can be an incredibly versatile degree. Also, it can allow you to go from a managerial position to an executive position with incredible ease. Not only that, but you can be eligible for a number of different careers – from financial analyst to business consultant. With an educational background in business administration, you could be qualified to work in any administrative capacity. Plus, right now, there is a demand for individuals with an MBA, which can even further increase your chances of landing a promising and high paying career.
  3. Social work. As a social worker, you will be in the unique position of working in almost any job that requires the skill of someone that can work with people, children and families. For instance, you could work in human resources, or you can work as a caseworker for a certain state funded agency. Not only that, but you can easily visit and get your social worker degree online, which can make the entire process seem a lot more worth it.
  4. Computer science. With a degree in computer science, you can position yourself to ride the enormous wave of the new technological boom. Having an advanced knowledge of the computer sciences could make you eligible for such high paying careers as a programmer, information technologist, or any of the other computer science related job positions that are available in a multitude of industries.
  5. Nurse anesthesia. This degree is a bit of a wild card degree, but right now there is a major demand for this very unique specialized study of medicine. As a nurse anesthesiologist, you can stand to make twice or three times as much as a nurse would make annually. Plus, you will get to work in various state of the art healthcare facilities. If you have a love for medicine and the healthcare field, this may be the degree for you.

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