5 Reasons Why Games Consoles are better than a PC

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Within the gaming world, the debate over whether it is better to play games on a console or a PC has raged on for years and with the announcement that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are to be launched soon – beginning the new generation of gaming – the debate is hotter than ever. It seems however that the excitement over the new consoles is leaving the PC by the wayside somewhat, meaning consoles may finally be emerging as the potential victors; here is why:


One of the main reasons why consoles win out over PCs is the very fact that they are produced for the sole purpose of gaming. Being able to play certain video games is a bonus feature on a PC, never intended to be its primary function, whereas all the design and development effort behind a console is tailored around making the gaming experience as good as possible. Even the games themselves are often designed using the consoles’ technology before being ported over to PC at a later date.


While the games themselves are often cheaper on a PC, purchasing a decent system that is capable of running them at full capacity is going to set you back a lot more than a console. Also, as consoles become older and newer generations become available, they generally see a fall in price, making them more affordable. Current PCs meanwhile generally remain around the same price bracket or are discontinued after a short time, replaced by new models that are in fact more expensive than their predecessor. Purchasing the software required to run many games on a PC can also be costly.


While generally speaking a PC system is standard, there are a huge range of games consoles available on the market these days, each with their own distinguishable characteristics and advantages. From the PS3 and Xbox 360 for those who love online play and beautifully advanced graphics, to the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita for those who love to play while on the move and the Wii for those who love to get involved and immerse themselves in the gameplay; there really is something for everyone.

Potential errors

One of the hailed benefits of PC gaming is the ability for experienced players to access game files and alter various settings, enhancing and changing the game in a number of ways – commonly referred to as ‘modding’. The problem with this is that systems often crash, game files can be damaged beyond repair and in trying to make a game better, they in fact render in unplayable. Such risks are not as prevalent with consoles, as their files are less susceptible to hacking and changes.


Many people these days do not even own desktop PCs, preferring the lightweight, portable laptop instead. The repercussion of this in terms of gaming is that most laptops simply do not have the technical capabilities to play high quality video games that could rival those available on a console. There is also the issue of static play; where a PC game must be played at the desk, while consoles have evolved to make playing games on a handheld device a breeze.


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  • Doug Inspired

    This is laughable at best… The majority of this article seems to be aiming at the standard desktop…not a “gaming pc” which are in fact designed with the “purpose” of gaming. If my pc tends to be falling behind current games, i upgrade my graphics card or add one in crossfire. I certainly dont go out n buy a Dell… If pc games are cheaper, over the life of that console how many games are you going to buy? Were not comparing the cost difference of a pc and a console with the cost difference of one game are we?? Not to mention when the “next gen” consoles come out how many people are going to be excited to go out and grt outdated technology?? Who are you gonna play with? Pc components go down in price when new stuff comes out too ya know. If youre gonna bring up laptops you may as well be comparing them to your precious vita and Wii U. That’s not real gaming, but those laptops are way more useful than brain game…. And lastly, modding. You act like hacking doesn’t happen on consoles… I buy 1 game and the modding community turns it into 4… I’ll take a crash every now and then for the ability to make 1 game be fun for YEarS with the variety of a collection of games. BTW, I have an xbox. I play it a lot. It doesn’t take a genius to see this whole article is BS.

  • Boomdart

    Reasons this article is incorrect
    Purpose – Game consoles are not focused on just games anymore. They are multimedia boxes and it seems as though their capability to watch videos/tv/movies/use internet are more important especially on those coming out.
    Price – If you’re not a hardcore pc elitest, a computer does not cost much more than a console and can be upgraded for little as you need it. A six or seven year old q6600 is still capable of playing today’s games with even a generation or two old video card.
    Range – It’s something for everyone only if you buy all three consoles – which would be more than the cost of a computer. A lot of us care very little for those kinds of controls
    Potential Errors – The 360 and ps3 proved errors can happen in consoles, look at the sheer number of faulty and dead ones. Console games have errors as well.
    Accessibility – This is a notion that console gamers like to hold high. However, PC’s can be hooked ot your living room tv just as easily as it is hooked to the desk monitor. You can play with joysticks, wheels, gamepads (specifically the 360 gamepad works great for the pc). So if you’re still using your pc at a desk in the back of the house, that is your fault. Not the system’s fault. I use my pc on a 40″ 1080p screen, I’ll upgrade to a larger size when this 40″ decides to give out though it’s been going strong for a few years now.
    Extras – Consoles, even the ones coming out soon, are years behind the pc. Graphics aren’t important to gameplay you say? No, they aren’t, but when the majority of games are practically carbon copies of each other the graphics are all that stand out and keep you playing. Enjoying marvelous environments is part of the joy of gaming, especially if the game itself is poor (Risen 2 for example, I beat it because it was a wonderous and gorgeous place to roam around but the core gameplay was pretty poor).

  • MrT


    Registered here just to call you retarded, and to ask you how much money microsoft and/or sony are paying you. Sorry if thats rude, but people like you who form an uneducated opinion and tout it as fact just rustles my jimmies.

    This seems like its a reputable website, why lie?

    Clearly you havent done any research about this topic. You should state at the top of the article that this is opinion based instead of fact based.

  • merri

    “Purchasing the software required to run many games on a PC can also be costly.”

    Er, example? No, nevermind. There aren’t any. The author is either clueless or fabricating non-existent scenarios. I’ve never paid for a piece of software that was required to run any game — besides the game itself, of course.

    A couple misinformed points here, or just non-issues, but I won’t even argue those. I’ll just give it to you. Five reasons. No, no; four reasons, because the “potential error” argument only referenced modding, which is entirely optional, and yeah, you could break something with mods by way of stupidity, the same way you could break a console with similar stupidity.

    So you’ve got four reasons that consoles are better than PCs. I didn’t even want to ping on the “price” standpoint, but I bought more than 40 triple-A, console titles and almost 8 years of Xbox Live (you don’t even want to know how expensive all that is), but managed to buy nearly the same amount of triple-A titles, plus about 70 lesser/indie/double-A, etc., titles for less than a sixth of the price. So, I’ve acquired, in a single year alone, more than 100 games and got all of it for the price of, get this, less than ten console games, and adjusting for sales would come to 10 to 15 games.

    I’ve got tons of money saved for upgrades from these game sales, of which I won’t need for, likely 4 or 5 years, and even if I were to buy a $280 GPU four years from now, that’s about as much as I would pay in about 6 to 8 months worth of games on my console.

    With 50+ games, not all at $60, but not many great sales, and 7 or 8 years of subscription on console, I put in about $3,000 over the console’s lifespan. I put together a rather robust PC build at about $900, and will probably end up forking $500 or so in upgrades over the next 7 years. But, with this PC, I can afford games. Many, many games. I’ve purchased bundles of games 4 times this week alone, and I haven’t broken $25.

    The PC is incredibly cost effective. If you’re the type of person that enjoys the occasional third-person, cinematic exclusive, or the type of person that plays CoD and/or FIFA all year round, then consoles are probably for you. If you’re a little more of a gamer, then the PC is great for actually acquiring and playing games.

    So, you’ve got 3 or 4 reasons that consoles MIGHT be better than a PC, but if I cared to go on, I could describe many, many more than 4 reasons that the PC is the better platform.

  • Victor

    Sorry guys, but consoles are better.
    The article may have some invalid points,
    But I stand by the premise.
    You know why?
    I have owned 15 pcs in my adult life,
    And I have never once been able to simply install a game
    And play it on high settings without any issues.
    Every time I have gotten a new pc game,
    I have to jump through hoops in order to play it smoothly,
    And most of the time I’d have to lower settings and fiddle with it.
    Ever see someone on a forum ask for help?
    “My game lags really bad, here are my specs.”
    “Oh, your hardware sucks. Gotta upgrade it if you want to play”
    “You’re an idiot for buying that pc, if you weren’t a n00b you’d have the money for an expensive and powerful pc like us”
    In the time between 2011 and 2014 I spent over 600 bucks in order to play games without issue, and yet I still had lag problems.

    However, between 2008 and 2014 I spent 200 bucks on a console,
    And guess how many times I had lag issues?
    Zero times. Guess how many errors? Zero errors.
    It wasn’t until January of 2015 That my console finally started dying.

    Pcs have the fantastic advantage of modding,
    And there always seems to be a wider variety of games,
    But as I got older, I grew impatient.
    I don’t want to spend my game time trying to figure out why a game is running horribly, and I don’t want to constantly need advice from rude elitists who will insult my inability to spend all my cash on a decent pc.

    A person here said:
    “A six or seven year old q6600 is still capable of playing today’s games with even a generation or two old video card.”

    Sorry… WRONG. Uber f***ing WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!
    Unless you’re playing crappy hidden-object games.
    If you want to play games with epic graphics,
    Your pc will be obsolete and insufficient within practically a week.
    Most of the time, a pc out of the box won’t cut it.
    You have to work on it in order to see some potential.
    You’ll spend time screwing with settings,
    Googling solutions, thinking you’ve solved your problem,
    Face-palming when you realized you didn’t,
    Getting trolled by unhelpful a****les,
    And buying new graphics cards,
    Or you’ll end up playing your game on settings so low
    That you might as well be playing a 90s game.

    “Well, if you knew what pc to buy and had the money,
    You’d have no issues”

    To this I say: I can run to the store and grab a console,
    And I’ll have no issue. And it’s cheaper. Period.

    My console ran like butter out of the box,
    And it took almost seven years for my console to show signs of dying,
    And it’s not because the hardware can’t handle it, it’s because of usage.
    Try playing skyrim or gta v on an 8 year old pc.
    He’ll, try playing skyrim on ANY pc.
    You gotta jump through hoops.
    On console, it’s as easy as putting the disc in.
    Unless you have it downloaded,
    Then it’s as easy as hitting A.
    And it’s running on it’s intended graphical settings.
    Without fiddling with it.

    I also never had to spend time installing my games on console.
    I could simply put it in and play.

    I love pc,
    but until they make playing games as easy and cheap as it is on console,
    I’ll never budge on my stance.

    • ratchet500

      Perhaps you’ve been going to the wrong forums for help. Most people in the PC community are friendly. The console “advantage” that you can just put in a disk and play comes at a cost of customizability – you can’t change the graphics settings. Most PC games today detect your setup and recommend a setting anyway (that you can change later).
      Prebuilt PCs usually aren’t the best deals, which is probably what you’ve been buying (and why some people were criticizing your pc). If you can build your own PC, you can buy parts for around $400 that will surpass either modern console. All you have to do is ask for a $400 gaming pc build from any pc forum and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.

  • ratchet500

    Sorry, pretty much all games are made on PC (photoshop, autodesk, other graphics and programming software). And PC is the one to have extra features, due to potentially more power than consoles (AMD TressFX, Nvidia PhysX etc.) And consoles today aren’t just tailored to games: they’re multimedia devices (movies etc.) Besides, how are consoles’ 1080p (or less) at 30 FPS a better gaming experience than 1080p 60+ FPS or even higher resolutions?


    Nope. Every generation of PC gear is priced nearly equivalently to its predecessor, while being more powerful. This also means the equivalently powered PC parts decrease in price over time. Moore’s Law applies equally to both consoles and PC (as well as other electronics).


    I don’t even… Just run a google image search “PC”

    Potential errors

    It doesn’t crash unless you really don’t know what you’re doing. And would you really prefer to be locked down with no/very limited choice to mod (consoles) or given the choice to mod (which you can choose not to)?


    While it is true that many laptops can’t handle modern games, there are gaming laptops that surpass both the PS4 and X1. As for PC games on mobile devices, NVidia Shield.

  • Nathan

    I stopped reading after it said that no PC is built solely for gaming.

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