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5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer in Asia

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Choosing which country to volunteer can be really challenging especially if you don’t have a specific place in mind. There are more than one hundred countries in the world and many of these countries have available volunteer placements. Your choice lies on what really matters to you. There are countries that are visited by volunteers, not really for their meaningful volunteer programs but for their attractions. There are also countries that are only popular for their programs but not for attractions. Sometimes, choosing which continent to volunteer  can be difficult because of the differences in climate, culture, and language.

Among the continents with volunteer placements, Asia can be considered one of the best continents for volunteer destinations. And there are five reasons why you should choose Asia:

1. Most countries in Asia use English as one of their mediums of communication. While most countries don’t consider English as their primary language, people in most countries in Asia can generally understand, write, and talk in English. So if you are worried about the English language as a barrier, you can be a volunteer Asia in countries where English is widely used like in Singapore, Philippines, India, Thailand, and others.

2. Asia has the most unique volunteer program offerings as well as unique attractions to visit. In order to have a more enjoyable and meaningful experience, it is ideal to visit a country where there is a wide range of volunteer options available as well as a wide range of tourist attractions that you can visit during your free time. This way, you can have a balanced and well-spent volunteer experience. As a volunteer Asia, you will surely enjoy both sides of volunteerism. That is, volunteer work and leisure.

3. Asia has the cheapest placement fee compared to other countries. The cost of living in Asia is also comparatively cheaper compared to most Western countries and several countries in Africa. That is why if you are on a tight budget but still want to volunteer, you can do volunteer Asia. Although with a cheaper placement fee, you can still enjoy comfortable accommodation during your stay in any Asian country.

4. Asian people are generally warm and hospitable people. They have that reputation of helping volunteer Asia adjust easily to their work. They are also very accommodating and welcome volunteers with warmth and a smile. You will surely find it easy to befriend people in Asia.

5. Asia is a continent with a big need for volunteers. If you are a volunteer Asia, there are a lot of things that you can do to ease the situation of many of its people. Where there are real needs, there are real volunteer works. And you can ensure that your volunteer works will really be meaningful and fulfilling when you become a volunteer in Asia.

These five reasons why you should choose to be a volunteer in Asia are not all-encompassing. There are a number other reasons why you should make Asia as your volunteer destination at any time of the year.

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