5 steps to make homemade mayonnaise

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Mayonnaise is a very tasty and creamy condiment. For years generations have used mayonnaise for a variety of dishes whether as a primary ingredient or as an accompaniment to a tasty meal. It can accompany a wide range of dishes such as chicken, steak, pasta and fish i.e. tuna, fishcakes. Mayonnaise is also extremely popular as a sandwiching having help create 100’s of sandwich fillings such as tuna mayonnaise, coronation chicken, chicken tikka mayonnaise, and many more great sandwich fillings that incorporate mayonnaise as a main ingredient. Whether as a dip, a sandwich filling or an ingredient, mayonnaise is one of those ingredients that are famous all over the world. In many countries, mayonnaise is a popular accompaniment at breakfast. Although a mayonnaise company, such as Hellman’s or Heinz, can be chosen as your preferred mayonnaise brand, it can also be delicious when homemade. Here’s how to make your own mayonnaise:

Separate eggs

Roughly four eggs are required to make mayonnaise and the whites should be separated from the egg yolks. Egg whites aren’t needed for mayonnaise and can be disposed of or used to make another dish.

Add other ingredients

Vinegar and mustard are key ingredients of mayonnaise. After adding one tablespoon of vinegar and two tablespoons of mustard into a bowl, they are stirred thoroughly together. A pint of vegetable oil is another vital ingredient and, at this point, a little of it should be added to the mixture. One of the most important things to take into consideration when making mayonnaise is not to add too much oil because it can become runny.

Stop adding oil

Although one pint of vegetable oil is required to make mayonnaise, all of it might not be needed. In fact, only 70% might be used. When it is being mixed, stop adding oil when it has reached the right consistency.

If desired, put in more mustard

When mayonnaise has the right thickness and oil is no longer required, mustard can be added to make it even spicier. Several types of mustard can be put into the mixture at this point. Along with French and English mustard, wholegrain mustard can even be included. If mayonnaise will be served to young children, they might not like very spicy mayonnaise. By considering who the mayonnaise will be served to, it will have the right flavouring and won’t be unappetising.

Other spices can be added

Mayonnaise can have any flavour. When mayonnaise has been made, it can be modified. Children can have a lot of fun making mayonnaise, such as adding other ingredients than the aforementioned. Along with honey and more vinegar, pepper can also be put into mayonnaise. Making mayonnaise is an activity which is perfect for people of all ages. Mums, Dads and their siblings can have a lot of fun making mayonnaise which can then be served to their loved ones at family functions or parties.

So, when this popular sauce is required, there are other options available than choosing one of the products made by a mayonnaise company because it can be created entirely from scratch. After mayonnaise has been made, it should be consumed within four days in order to avoid food poisoning. Even when it is put into a fridge, mayonnaise must be eaten days after it is first served.


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