5 Tips On How To Pick Out The Perfect Handbag

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Just like a pair of shoes, handbags have a huge impact on your overall look. As with shoes, you can never have too many handbags. Different outfits and occasions call out for different types of handbags (all that vary in terms of size, colors and styles).

If you have been confused about the handbags in which you should invest your money in, you should not worry because today, I am going to provide you with 5 useful tips on picking out the perfect handbag.

Try On Handbags Always

When picking out handbags, always make sure you try them on just as you try shoes and clothes. Once you try them, check yourself in the mirror and see how you look. Keep a close eye on the shape, color and scale and see if it works out for you. Without trying a handbag, you cannot pick out the perfect one. I talk from experience here because there have been so many instances where I thought a handbag was so good but when I tried it on, it just didn’t make any sense at all. Additionally, other times I thought a handbag just wasn’t up to par but after trying it out it looked perfect.

Handbags Must Have Compartments

Whenever you are picking out a handbag, make sure you pick one that has compartments. I know handbags are purchased to compliment your clothes but handbags are extremely useful because you can put in whatever you want to in them. The whole idea of a handbag is to facilitate ease so make sure that the handbag you have your eyes on has compartments so that you can put whatever you want to in them and find the things you have put in easily.


There are many women who buy handbags to compliment a dress. If you know that you are buying a handbag to match it with a dress, you should have no trouble in buying it because you will know which color to go for. However, if you don’t, then you must go for a neutral color that would go with most of the outfits. A neutral color goes with any outfit, dark or light so make sure that when you are buying a handbag, always pick out one that is neutral in color. There is no harm in buying a dark colored handbag. However, I am of the opinion that it is best to have at least one neutral colored handbag in your collection because trust me it will go with any outfit.


Size of the handbag is extremely important and one of the most important factors that is responsible for distinguishing a good handbag from a perfect handbag. See if you are buying a handbag for a particular occasion, like a business trip, you should go for a medium sized handbag that is bottom line large. However, don’t go for a very large handbag because taking it to business meetings when you don’t have time to change will be a hassle and it simply won’t look good. I always go for medium sized handbags because they are convenient to carry around and use.


Always outline the purpose for buying a handbag because that is going to help you decide quickly and make the right choice. Having the purpose of buying a handbag in mind will let you select rapidly and of course make the right decision because you are going to know why you are buying it. Having the purpose out on the table will let you buy the perfect handbag.

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