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5 Tips to save money on your printer ink cartridges

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If you’re always looking for ways to save a bit of cash then you probably feel pained every time you have to replace your printer ink cartridges.  Printer ink cartridges can be more expensive to replace than it would be to buy a new printer.  That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re using the ink in your printer as cost-effectively as possible.  Here are our top 5 tips to save money on your printer ink cartridges.

Preview pages – If you click print without first previewing the page that you’re going to print you can often end up with lots of printed pages that you don’t need.  This is especially true when printing directly from the internet because a lot of pages on the internet will print in a completely different format to how they appear onscreen.

Check internet pages for ‘printer friendly’ versions – A lot of large websites now offer ‘printer friendly’ pages for you to print from which are neat and compact and will use less ink.  These pages are particularly commonplace on websites where they expect you to print the contents, for example recipes, maps, news articles and instructions.

Print information in lower quality – If the information that you’re printing is just for your own reference and not for anything important or official then you can save ink by changing the quality of the print in your printer options.  By using a lower quality print your printer may use less ink and fewer colours.

Buy ink cartridges online – If you still buy your ink cartridges in high street stores then try internet shopping for your printer ink cartridges.  You can buy many brands like Dell, Epson, Lexmark, Canon, Brother and Hewlett Packard cartridges from Internet Ink online.  There are many internet companies that offer a wide range of different ink cartridges at discount price, so make sure you shop around!

Always turn the printer off immediately after use – When you leave your printer switched on or if you shut it down incorrectly then the print heads are left exposed to the air and dry out very quickly.  If the print heads dry out the quality of your print will be affected and you’ll need to replace your ink cartridges sooner than usual.

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