5 Top Reasons Why Raw Food Is Healthier For Us

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Research has revealed that approximately 60% of most diseases are caused by poor diet. Let’s agree on one thing, if food is the main cause for all the bad diseases then it is also the remedy for these problems.

As we become more cautious about what we take, we can begin to make wise choices that are beneficial to our health over sickness. We do not only eat food purposely for nutrition but also for pleasure.

What if we understand how to satisfy our pleasure receptors with eating food which is healthy?

Our bodies entirely depend on important building blocks such as vitamins, enzymes, proteins and even minerals. All these components are very essential for the growth, repair and maintenance of our bodies.

Now let’s take a few minutes to look at some of the reasons why eating raw food is very healthy for us and our bodies.


Enzymes are very important to the body. This is because they convert digested food into chemical components that can be allowed inside the membranes of the body cells. These components streamline the digestive tract and also the blood stream.

That’s not all. Enzymes are protein in nature, meaning that they are living materials. They direct the direction of life into metabolic and biochemical processes.

They help the body to convert and store energy, create active hormones, catalyze fiber dissolution, and reduce blood clotting.

They also contain anti-inflammatory effects. Enzymes assist the body to balance and restore immune system. Enzymes die when exposed to high temperature, hence you should not cook food contain enzymes but instead consume raw food.


Vitamins are another good reason why we should eat raw food. Without vitamins the body cells would not work properly and therefore the organs would not survive for long.

Vitamins help to control the body metabolism, help to transform fat and carbohydrates into stored energy. They also help in forming tissues and bones. When you cook food for long, the vitamins are destroyed. Therefore it is advisable consume raw food.


 Metals are one of the thirty elements that are known to be important to life. Lack of minerals in the body can cause diseases to human beings. Minerals work in liaison with vitamins.

When food is cooked, most minerals get destroyed, hence making them useless. Therefore it is important to keep this in mind.


These are what give vegetables and fruits their color. They protect the body from diseases. They also help fight chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

Another medical importance of phytonutrients is that they are used in research to provide medicine to the cell.

They are also destroyed by cooking; therefore we now realize how important it is to consume raw food.

Increased mental clarity

Apart from vitamins and minerals, there are other reasons why we should eat raw food. One of them is increased mental focus. Consuming raw food helps the mind to concentrate on important things to us. Raw food enables us to be emotionally in tune with our neighbors and friends.

There are many other reasons why we should eat raw food, but the above five reasons are just but a conviction why we should consume raw food.

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