5 Unusual Uses For Scarves

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The scarf is more than a humble accessory and with a splash of imagination and a dash of creativity, there are lots of ways you can make use of all your scarves.

Scarves have a habit of creeping up on you so that when you next glance in the wardrobe you can find hundreds of them! All different shapes, sizes and textures, scarves are one of the most versatile fashion accessories you can find at home. And it would be such a shame not to make the most of them, especially the beautiful silk scarves, wouldn’t it?

So if you’re bored of wearing a scarf around your neck or head in the traditional fashion or simply want to make use of your neglected scarves, take a look at our ideas below.

Scarf art

Have you ever studied your scarf? It may be that you whip it around your neck, check that it matches the rest of your outfit and look, and head out the door without a moment’s thought to its individual design. And yet, many silk scarves feature incredibly beautiful patterns, and can make wonderful pieces of artwork. All you need to do is frame your chosen scarf and hang it on the wall, to brighten your décor.

Scarf bunting

If you have lots of scarves, you could create bunting for almost any purpose, from decorating your house for a party to adding extra sweetness to your baby’s nursery. This works best with square scarves and all you need to do is fold them into triangles and drape them over some ribbon.

Another good party decoration idea is simply hanging scarves from their four corners on your ceiling so they look like a lot of pretty sails and people can look up and appreciate the different designs.

Scarf plant base

This works well with wool scarves, especially ones that are brightly coloured. Gather a few scarves and lay them out flat so that they form a colourful circle – spread them out a little and use safety pins to connect each one, so that each design is visible. Then place the plant pot in the middle of the circle, with each scarf projecting from it. This works well with different plants and throughout the year but is a particularly fun idea at Christmas time as you can use the scarves to make a base for the tree, to catch the needles as they drop and look pretty at the same time.

Scarf jewellery

If you have a long scarf, you could tie knots in it at roughly one-inch intervals, and wear it as a unique necklace. You could even add a few of your favourite pendants from the scarf too, to make it truly glamorous. Matching colours and styles with your outfit means you can transform an everyday look into something a lot more stylish.

Scarf belt

Pretty scarves look great worn as belts. You can either thread the scarf through the loops of your jeans or simply wrap it loosely around your waist over a skirt for added interest.


Whatever scarves you have in your drawers from cashmere to silk there will be an interesting and creative way of using them. Don’t let your scarves languish away as they should be your prized possessions!

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