5 Ways To Keep Your Heart At Its Finest

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Cardiovascular health is incredibly important to limiting the risk of heart disease as well as heart attacks. There are a number of things that can result in a higher risk of heart disease, such as physical inactivity, a poor diet, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even tobacco use. The following are a few things that you can do to increase your cardiovascular health, thereby reducing your risks of heart problems.

  • Exercise Daily – Making sure that you exercise on a daily basis will help keep your body in shape and reduce the chance of obesity, one of the factors of heart disease. Doing cardiovascular fitness, such as swimming, running, cycling and even walking, will help to strengthen your heart muscle in addition to reducing your blood pressure and burning fat. Exercising in the morning can also help to reduce stress throughout the day, which believe it or not has also been linked to the increased risk of heart disease. Adults should exercise at least 20 minutes every day of the week, or 30 minutes five days a week.
  • Eat a Balanced Diet – You should stay away from high cholesterol foods such as fast food and processed foods. Make sure your diet contains an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Many of the vegetables you eat will help to eliminate free radicals in your blood, thereby helping to protect your blood vessels. This goes without mentioning all of the vitamins and minerals that help strengthen your cardiovascular system. Be sure to combine fruits and vegetables with whole grains, nuts, beans, teas and fatty fish as well. All of these foods contain nutrients that will benefit the health of your heart. Be sure to speak to your health professional about possible herbs and nutritional supplements that you can take that will help improve your cardiovascular health as well.
  • Begin Practicing Yoga – There are many varieties of yoga, all of which are very beneficial to your heart’s health. The actual physical act of yoga helps to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility, thereby helping to keep your body in shape. The focus on meditation and breathing help to improve mental health, thereby reducing stress, yet another factor linked to heart disease. Some forms of yoga use heat to help you sweat while you practice, making it even more beneficial to your cardiovascular system.
  • Quit Smoking – At this point in time, almost everyone should know that smoking is not the best recreational activity to partake in. Studies have shown that those who smoke are much more at risk to cardiovascular disease than those who do not smoke. In fact, more than 50 percent of the heart attacks among middle-aged women can be attributed to the use of tobacco.
  • Drink Less – Drinking in moderation won’t affect the health of your heart, but drinking too much can. Over-indulging in alcohol can cause your blood-pressure to rise, thereby putting you more at risk to heart attacks.

Cardiovascular diseases are a serious issue, and by living the right lifestyle, you can improve the health of your heart and help to reduce the risks of heart related diseases. For more information about reducing the risk of heart disease, or if you are having cardiovascular issues, then contact your local cardiologist.

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