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5 Ways To Re-Vitalise Your Living Room

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Whether you are looking to sell your home or you just want to spruce your living room up a little bit because it is starting to look tired this article will give you some of the top tips to achieve a comfortable and stylish living space. If you are selling your home then don’t skimp on any fixtures or fittings as along with the kitchen it is one of the main rooms buyers look at when deciding whether to purchase a house.


This is particularly important if your living room is small.  Clutter vastly reduces the amount of space in a room so ensure that you have a good clear out or move some of the belongings to another part of the house, it doesn’t have to look like an art gallery, by all means have book shelves or collections on display but try and make them tasteful, presented well and modern.


Plain walls look very boring so it is important to have at least one piece of art on the walls, this can be a painting or a photograph. Try and think about the colour scheme you are going for beforehand so that you can make the picture/photo blend in with the room. The essential part of displaying pictures is to have a great frame; cheap frames look horrible so perhaps consider something modern and contemporary like an aluminium frame. There is a site called Lazer Art & Frame who specialise in this type of framing.


The fireplace is the focal point of the room; it always has been and probably always will be. Some houses are removing them and having the TV as the focal point but for most people this is considered quite tacky. You have two viable options with fireplaces, one is to still with an old, historical fireplace and spend a bit of time cleaning it up to have it as a feature or you can buy a brand new, stylish, contemporary looking one. It is then all down to you or your buyers taste.


The style of your room is essential, this is where it will be transformed from the tired looking living room you used to know to a brand new, bright living space. There are a few techniques that are popular at the moment such as painting 2 sets of walls different colours, one set white and the others in a bright colour. The other fashion is to have a ‘feature wall’ which may have an expensive, textures wallpaper on but the other 3 will be a plain, pale colour to make it stand out. Curtains, furniture and rugs should be used to complement the wall and floor colours and not to create the colour scheme themselves.


Lighting should be the final stage; this is what makes a good room a great room. If you look at the best bars and restaurants in the world they all have fantastic lighting, it makes such a big different to a room so really buy some quality pieces whether you are going for LED lighting or classical lights.

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