5 Of The Worst Celeb Fashion Disasters Of Last Year

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It’s no doubt that celebrities have extremely enviable closets that are filled with some of the most spectacular clothing. Nevertheless, everyone still has an off fashion day. Alas, for a celebrity, that means landing on a worst-dressed list. Check out these horrible fashion disasters of the last year:

The terrorist dress

 It’s still uncertain why Sasha Gradiva wore a terrorist-chic gown to the 2012 Grammys. Who knows whether she wanted to call attention to herself or she was going to audition for the role of the female terminator? The gown she wore was quite scary in a literal way because there was a large mechanical gun attached to the shoulder. Sadly, the peachy pink dress would have given Sasha a spot on the best-dressed list if it didn’t have a large robotic weapon on the shoulder because it really was a stunner. But, since it did have robotic weapons attached to it, she made it on the list of the most horrendous fashion disasters of last year. 

A spidery situation

Okay, everyone knows that Nikki Minaj is an outrageous dresser, but she really outdid herself for the 2012 VMAs. She wore a hideous, cringe-worthy black spidery bodysuit that did her figure no justice. The bodysuit had red lines outlining Minaj’s body, but the sheerness made it look too risky. She continued to worsen the outfit by pairing it with a hideous hat and over-the-top makeup. And, let’s not forget the poodle-like wig she sported to accessories said outfit. Nikki, less is really more. 

Green Sheer Madness

 Katy Perry wasn’t at a red carpet event when she wore the offensive outfit, but that really doesn’t excuse the fact that she wore her grandma’s sheer couch cover. The hideous green number exposed way too much leg because of the sheer inserts, so it looked cheap. The vomit green color didn’t do the outfit any good either. Overall, it’s not a good look, but on the bright side, Katy is doing a superb job of staying off the worst-dressed list this year. Alas, that wasn’t the case in 2012.

Muppet Dress

 Rita Ora is a newcomer in the music scene, yet she already has people talking about her. Unfortunately, she’s really well-known for sporting fuzzy pelts that make her look like a redhead version of Big Bird. And, although she was performing when said fashion crime was committed, there’s really no excuse for copying Big Bird or the Muppets in the fashion department. In the futile attempt to accessories the hopeless outfit, she wore white platform sneakers that made her feet and bottom-half look frumpy. Nevertheless, the outfit as a whole accomplished the task of making Rita look blah even if her hair and makeup looked flawless as usual. 

Miley’s Street Style

 In general, most of Miley Cyrus’s 2012 street outfits are vomit-provoking. That’s why they made it on the list. Perhaps it’s her new ultra-flattering haircut that’s got her embracing edgier styles. Unfortunately, between the bondage style pants and the punk-rock attire, she had to make it on the list. 

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