5 of the worst pieces of custom clothing

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‘The clothes maketh the man’ wrote William Shakespeare, and today it is often the case that the man or woman will be making the clothes too. Custom clothing is a big deal and as what you wear definitely says something about you and your personality, making the things you wear can really set you apart from the crowd.


From superbly made items that are indistinguishable from high end design gear through to pieces that are more cheerful than cheap, custom clothing covers a full range from the amazing to the dreadful.


Some people try for a classic look and miss the target by a long way. Others have an idea that they think is original but which everybody else thinks is just plain weird. Whatever the reason, there are many attempts at making unique clothing that end up failing on so many levels.


To show you what not to do, here are five of the worst pieces of custom clothing:


1. Dalek

Fans of the BBC TV series Dr Who will know that each incarnation of the doctor has his own personal quirky fashion sense which is often played for laughs as the alien tries his best to fit in – but gets things a little wrong.


This could be said of some people who try the custom clothes idea and fail by mixing too many weird styles and trying to fit them into one perhaps. Making yourself look like the Doctor’s nemesis The Daleks is taking things one step too far. Although it might work at a comics convention, this dress wouldn’t really flatter in any other situation.


2. Iron man


On a similar, albeit bigger, note Archie Whitehead, a17 year old British student, recently made a wearable replica Iron Man suit for himself. He spent 300 hours building the suit from fibreglass as part of a school project and is now looking forward to a career in costume design after receiving hundreds of offers for the suit from around the world. Despite is popularity and the success story which accompanies it, wearing this outfit outside of a film studio is a big no.


3. Sticky Tape

Using unusual materials plays a big part in making your own custom clothing and a clever idea can really work when it comes to creating something eye catching and quirky. However, there are just some things that just shouldn’t be used – and one of those is definitely duct tape. Whoever thought that making their prom clothes from tape took the idea of ‘multi-purpose use’ just one step too far.


4. Silver foil


Yes, Halloween is an excuse to wear homemade outfits that you perhaps wouldn’t dream of wearing any other day of the year but even then there are good ideas and bad ones. Anything that uses silver foil as its main material is going to be a very difficult, and uncomfortable, piece to carry off.


5. Rubbish T-Shirts

The T-shirt is probably the clothing miracle of the last 100 years. Everyone owns some, whether they are expensive designer versions or cheap as chips everyday wear. Some think that putting what they think is a ‘funny’ slogan on a plain t-shirt is actually customising their clothes. We’re here to tell you that it isn’t. A perfect example might say: “not big and not clever”.


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