6 DIY Projects That Will Protect Your Home From Burglars

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Being a homeowner is a wonderful experience, but it’s also a little scary. It’s your responsibility to take care of the property inside and out. It’s also your responsibility to keep all of it safe. Use these 6 DIY projects to protect your home from burglars, and keep your stuff in your home where it belongs.

Don’t Advertise

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Don’t invite thieves to take a closer look at your home by leaving valuables lying around. Put bicycles, four wheelers, and recreational vehicles in the garage, basement, shed or somewhere within the home. When you buy something expensive and new, do not simply place the box outside in plain view for trash pickup. Break the box down and stuff it in the can, because thieves look for these telltale signs of valuables.

Turn Sliding Doors into Safety Doors

Make your sliding doors safe with a very easy DIY solution. Get a strong dowel rod or a steel bar, even a 2-by-4, and slide it into the groove behind the door. Even if the thief manages to bypass the lock, this bar will deter them from opening the door.

Add Affordable Window Stops

All you need to make your windows safer is a hammer and nails. Find a spot where the top and bottom window meet, and drill a small hole at this point. Place a long nail inside the hole to prevent the window from moving. When you want to open your window, simply remove the pin.

Hide High-Priced Items

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Is it easy to see valuable items inside your home from outside? Replace sheer curtains with something sturdier (and not see-through), such as blinds, drapery, or shades. If a thief can see your plasma-screen TV, fancy laptop and pricey audio system from outside, they’re going to find a way to get in.

Nail Down Your Valuables

You’re cautious about home security, so you own a safe. Now all of your valuables and important papers are inside of it. This makes it nice and easy for any thief to step in and carry it away. A safe is a horrible idea unless it’s nailed down to the floor. It’s possible to patch holes, but you cannot replace a valuable family heirloom. Nail the safe down or bolt it to the wall so that it cannot be picked up and taken.

Light up the Darkness

Add security lights to wash away all dark shadows near windows and doors. Place bright spotlights near the corners of your home. It’s possible to point these lights where you will by making simple adjustments. Mount lights high so they cannot be removed or easily destroyed by a thief. Add timers, and the lights will turn on at night even if you are not home. This will fool thieves into thinking people are inside  the residence and drive them away.

These 6 DIY projects combined with a wireless alarm system will keep you and your family constantly protected . What other do-it-yourself anti-burglar solutions do you know?

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