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Want to know what’s hot and what’s not for 2013 and 2014?    You’ll see teens this holiday season dressing up, dressing down and combining old vintage looks with new up to the minute styles for a totally retro look that is sure to draw attention.  Saving money, but getting quality teen fashions is thankfully easy by shopping online.  It’s faster and easier than running from store to store and saves money with online exclusive offers and coupons.  Shopping has never been simpler.  And, it’s all delivered right to your doorstep! What could be better?

#6) Got A Party To Attend?


Orange may be the new black, but only on TV shows and certainly not on teens!  For your holiday fancy parties black is where it’s at.  It isn’t your traditional green and red of Christmas, but helps achieve a classy, dressed up look.  Black and white combined is always a sure hit and can be highlighted by something small, in one bright color, worn as an accessory.  Accessories are going to be what fashion is all about in 2014.

#5  Sweaters And Jumpers

 Whether green, red and gold with snowflakes, reindeer and snowmen  or less traditional and simply designed, ladies will be warmer and cozier than ever in holiday jumpers and sweaters.  Throw on a cloth fedora or a knit cap to make it fun and stylish.  Also consider getting matching knit gloves.

#4) WOW! That’s Bright!

 Neon is back (did it ever really leave?).  Doesn’t matter if it’s in a dress, T-shirt, jacket, solid neon or a print with neon, leggings, shoes (heels or sneakers), a clutch, or necklace… if it’s neon, it’s all good.

#3) Warmers


Vests, sweaters, jackets, knit caps, scarves… if it’s toasty warm inside that’s what matters with the winter months upon us.  Even a Christmas themed ‘onesie’ (hood optional) can be fun for the whole bunch during a holiday sleepover.

#2) Buckle Boots

Not only will these babies keep your feet warmer and drier than your rad sneakers, they’re right in style. Cut out, high heel, low heel, suede, knee high, ankle high even waders are adorning the feet of teens for the holidays.

#1) Guys Onesies And Holiday SocksIMAGE 3 TEEN'S HOLIDAYS

You’ve got to be pretty confident to wear a onesie that makes you look like a reindeer or a penguin, but you know the girls will love it.  The guys may ridicule you to no end but guess who’s leaving with their girlfriend!  Socks with holiday prints and designs are also fun and can make you the life of the party.  No need for a crazy Santa tie or red and green vest when you wear all your festivity on your toasty warm tootsies.  Check out sites like for the latest dicounts in teen and young adult fashions!

For the guys, fur trimmed hooded jackets and ‘high top’ boots are going to go the extra mile toward not only comfort, but fresh teen styling as well.  Time to fire up that laptop and shop til you drop.

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