7 Ways to Provide Continued Learning to Children in the Summer

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Many children look forward to summer vacation because it means time away from school, rules and teachers. For many parents, they face the trouble of trying to keep children focused so they are prepared for when school starts again. Time away from school for even as little as a long 4-day weekend can cause children to lose grasp on certain curriculum and acceptable behaviors they have learned, and summer is even worse. Fortunately, there are a few ways parents can help keep their children on track, providing them with continued learning so they are prepared for the new school year.


Reading to a child is one of the many ways to keep children focused. Sitting down for story time for a half an hour each night helps children retain information and knowledge. It is highly recommended that you have your child read to you instead of you reading to them. Having your child read a story keeps their vocabulary flowing and the knowledge of words growing.


Have your child help you with mathematics as often as possible. Take a trip to the grocery store and have your child help you add up the cost of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. If you are planning on taking a vacation, have your child assist you in figuring out how many miles you have to travel to get where it is that you are headed. This helps your child retain mathematics skills while making it fun and entertaining.


Now that your children are home from school, it may mean that they are not getting the right level of socialization with other children. Meet up with other parents and plan a play date. Getting all of the children together promotes a sense of getting along, sharing and behaving right when they are around one another.

Social Studies

For older children, you can add Social Studies into your daily routine. Sit down and watch a movie with your child. When the movie is over, sit down with your child and look up information about where the movie character was from. For example, if you and your child watch the moviePocahontas, you can look up information about Native Americans, where they originated from and their cultural lifestyle.

Write it Down

Encourage your children to write as much as possible during the summer. For smaller children, drawing pictures if perfectly fine too. Provide your child with a blank notebook, pencils and crayons. Tell your child to use the notebook as a journal where they can write down all of their summer experiences. This is a fun activity for children that also helps them maintain their handwriting.

Activity Books

Local book stores often carry a number of different activity books for children. These books often include a variety of games such as word search, math games, fill in the blanks and more. Keep your child entertained over the summer by providing them with a few activity books. Sit down with your child once a day and make it a fun learning experience rather than a chore.

Word Games

Have a family fun game night with games such as Hangman or Scrabble. Getting the whole family involved makes the experience a fun one for children. The more the child feels that it is a game, the more likely they are to participate. The great thing about a family game night with word games is that it allows children to maintain their vocabulary and articulation.

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