Advancements in Robotic Surgery Today

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The medical field is constantly changing, and is currently making major advances due technological breakthroughs such as the mapping of the human genome, bioinformatics and computer technology. These advances means that medical professionals have to constantly keep up with the advances in their fields, meaning continuous learning is important for any medical practitioner who wishes to stay at the top of their profession as well as grow and advance in their career.

One of the areas where computer technology is responsible for a new paradigm of practicing medicine is in robotic surgery. While in the past you would expect to find surgeons, nurses, operating theater technicians and other specialists all in the operating room during a surgery, advances in surgical technology now means that there are less people who need to be in the operating room. This is due to robotic surgery, whereby a robot operates on the patient with the doctor carrying out the surgery simply controlling the robot.

With surgical robots taking over more and more surgical procedures and rapid advances in surgical technology leading to more and more robots being released every year, there is a need not only for doctors to acquire the required skills to work with surgical robots but also for other specialists to acquire them too. A surgical operation being carried out by a surgical robot requires nurses, surgical technologists and other professionals who normally support surgeons during operations to also be skilled in robotic surgeries.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery
While we as human beings have great problem solving skills, we do not do too well when it comes to repetitive tasks and our performance varies with our mood, how tired we feel, how things are at homeā€¦

This means that human beings increase variability of a surgical outcome, and rarely is it for the better. When high precision is required or when tasks are repetitive, robots have proven to be better at those particular tasks when compared to human beings. Strides made in surgical technology have resulted in robots finding applications in the operating room, and they offer the following benefits:

  • Reduces time required to have the patient under the table, thus reducing the risk of surgery as well as allowing for more patients to be treated.
  • Shorter hospital stays resulting in lesser bills and less time away from loved ones.
  • Less blood loss due increased precision and less invasive techniques afforded by surgical robots.
  • Less pain after the surgery as surgical robots are less invasive.
  • Minimal scarring due to use of less invasive methods and more precision.
  • Reduced risk of infection since there are less people in the operating theater, protecting both the client and personnel from infecting one another.
  • Faster recuperation time.
  • Remote surgery allowing a single surgeon to serve patients in several hospitals without having to waste time moving between them.

Opportunities Offered by Surgical Technology Trends
As robotic surgery gains more traction and becomes used more and more in different fields and surgical procedures, there is a need for both surgeons and other medical specialists involved in surgery to learn the skills needed to work with these marvels of surgical technology.

Some surgical procedures such as hysterectomy, bariatric surgery and laparoscopy can now be handled using surgical robots and robots to perform more complex and/ or intricate kinds of surgical procedures are being made each year. Medical specialists able to use and work with surgical robots are and will continue being in great demand.

For you to be in a position to exploit the opportunities presented by advances in surgical technology however, you need to acquire more skills, education and expertise. Since you may not be able to attend classes full-time, it is a wise idea to look for an institution offering the programs you are interested on terms that work for you and invest in your career. This is an investment that is bound to pay.


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