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Adventure Tour to India : 5 Exciting Destinations for unlimited adventure

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India is famous for its spiritual value, Temples, mystifying past, yoga and snake charmers. So what’s new you ask? The landscape of India provides endless adventure opportunities for the adrenaline rush seeker. Trekking up treacherous routes, rafting down riotous rivers, scaling some of the highest peaks of world easily feature on traditional route map of adventure tour packages India.  Choose a destination and we will point you to heart-in-the-mouth moments of absolute frenzy. Here’s a run-down of must do in Adventurous India tour.

Kerala: Tranquil, sleepy, laid back. If that’s what you think of Kerala, you might be in for a bit of surprise. Boat racing on snake like boats can exhaust even the most experienced. Rowing form used here is Two-oared sculling with, on occasions, more than hundred oarsmen. Traditionally boat races are organized on harvest festival of Onam, when entire backwaters are thronged with boats.

Goa: Highly popular on tourist routes with boisterous beach parties, Goa is the only place where you find unclad beaches in India. Rides a speed boat or Jet Ski through the waters, it does have its own appeal doing in Goa. Some outlets also provide water scooters. FYI, do not forget to sample the local favorite, Feni. Produced exclusively in Goa, it is made either of Cashew or Coconuts.

Ladakh: White landscape with mighty mountains and treacherous paths has some dangerous trekking routes. Roads here are practically non-existent. Even riding a two-wheeler here can turn out to be an adventure in itself!

Rajasthan: An avalanche of colors on display can be blinding to eyes; nonetheless Rajasthan is famous for its colorfulness, palaces, and deserts. And best way to tour Rajasthan is on back of a Camel. Feeling a little more adventurous? Go for camel safari in the deserts. But make sure to pick local guide or you might be lost in vast and harsh desert.

Andaman and Nicobar: The Indian Hawaii is slowly gaining notoriety for its white sand beaches. Radhanagar beach is well known for pristine white sands. The many tiny islands that make up Andaman and Nicobar islands have many hotspots that have up and coming adventure tours. Apart from regular scuba diving and snorkeling, sea walking and underwater scooter rides have come up. Any adventure seeker here is spoilt for choices.

And of course, for food lovers try a gastronomical adventure. As varied as their culture, every state of India has its own trade mark cuisine. Rajasthani cuisine with a spread of vegetarian delights or Coastal cuisine full of sea food options. Both have their own indelible signature taste and they are both quite spicy at the same time. The Bengal cuisine is primarily a fish based one. Come to Delhi for tangy taste of street foods. South India provides another unique taste with curries and rasams.

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