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Architecture courses and interior design courses: Unconventional but lucrative

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Architecture courses and interior design courses have been treated like unconventional courses for long. Their preference as compared to an MBA, engineering or medical degree has always been less. However, architecture courses and interior design courses are what will give you the best career options today along with a chance to work according to your will and earn as much as you want. This article is aimed at giving you information regarding career options after interior design courses and architecture courses and why they have been treated as unconventional fields till now.

Architecture deals with creating the outlining of a structure while interior design deals with decorating the interiors of the structure. The aim of both the professions is the same, to flush out your creativity in order to satisfy your client. Both the fields require creative influxes and it hasn’t been till a decade back when people actually started spending money on interior design. Earlier people used to go out shopping and buy stuff for their house without much consideration. The most visually appealing pieces made the table tops of the house. As interior design grew as a profession, people started giving more importance to the locations of decorative pieces and their background. At the same time they also started giving more importance to the structure of their house so that it becomes more spacious, airy has good looks and other things. This is when architecture courses and interior design courses started gathering steam and even though they have come a long way, they are yet to beat the conventional fields like engineering and medical which have always been favourites when it comes to choosing career paths.

Unlike a common myth, architecture opens up a number of career options. Architectural design and research is a field where you would implement the specialized architectural skill set that you have acquired during the course. However, there are a number of other areas which require the understanding of architecture and design. Such career options include urban planning, property development, urban design, asset management, conservation, construction law, theatre design, disaster relief, architectural journalism, environmental design, construction management, project management and many others. You can also get into the teaching line and share your skills.

Even an interior designer can specialise in various fields and hence enjoy increased demand. Specialization can include vastu, feng shui, office interiors, domestic interiors, commercial complex interiors, green interiors and many others. All of these require a special skill set and of course a punch of creativity.

There are various educational institutions that offer architecture courses and interior design courses and also give you various options for specialization in one of these fields. Universities in Cyprus are famous for these courses.

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