Assessing Your Feet: Are You in Need of a Podiatrist?

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taking care of your feet through podiatry

We wouldn’t realize it but our feet can carry us for miles than we can think of. They bring us to places but we seldom know the abuses that we inflict to our feet. This might be the reason why we always seek for their treatment when it’s too late already.

Our feet are composed of intricate muscles, ligaments and bones. And they are one of the most important parts of our mobility. Our feet complete with our lower extremities composed the parts of our body that is addressed by our feet specialist, the podiatrist.

Athletes have good podiatrists. And they are the ones who help them in regaining balance after an injury and the one who helps in preventing any. But then many people do not know podiatrists and the importance of feet health. So for starters let’s start below.

Causes of Feet Injury

Feet injury can be caused by many things. And some of which aren’t just accidents. They can be due to our bad choices too. Here they are as listed.

  1. Sports injury. This is the number one cause of feet injury. And this is common among athletes famous and non famous. Even people who are just active in sports for recreations. Our feet mostly are the body part that takes the fall.
  2. Accidents. Accidents may happen. We can’t control that. If it’s in the feet, then your podiatrist can address your coping process.
  3. Bad footwear. Footwear and shoes we use are often one of the major causes of feet injuries. The choice of shoes can have the effect in the feet and the way it absorbs shocks from day to day activities. Foot structure should be considered when we choose shoes. A podiatrist gives advice to this after evaluating your foot structure.
  4. Inherent disease that results to injuries. These can be diseases that affect the way feet can function. Of which different kind of arthritis can be a sample. They weaken our bones and make it hard for our mobility processes.

What Can a Podiatrist Do For You

podiatrists help in choosing your footwear

A podiatrist can do medical healing through variety of techniques. Most of podiatrists can be contacted either from their own clinic or from sports hospitals. And there are only limited numbers of podiatrists in every country.

A podiatrist can do feet evaluation and all assess all lower extremities concern. Your podiatrist can also help you in assessment for footwear and leg alignment. Having a regular podiatry check can help an athlete in maintaining his healthy feet mobility too in order to avoid serious accidents and injuries during games.

In diagnosing feet problems, most sports hospitals use advance technologies. This helps in pinpointing the real cause of any injuries.

So now, why do you need a podiatrist? You need a podiatrist if you are an athlete. You need a podiatrist if you have an active recreational lifestyle. You need a podiatrist to improve the health and function of your feet. And you need a podiatrist to take care of your feet. Now, do you think you need a podiatrist?


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