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Awkward Male Boobs: How Do You Remedy Them?

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Muscular male torso showing pectoralsWe always see these awkward man boobs from “once” hunky male species such as John Travolta, David Hasselhoff, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson. And they are really awkward, bothering and uncomfortable to look at. What is more disconcerting is the idea that once they have a well sculpted body, rock hard chest and abs. Well, things happen and aging is natural.

Why Male Boobs Occur

Male Boobs or the gynaecomastia is a common recurrence among male of any race from teenagers to older men. It starts to develop during teenage years and may vanish or be gone during adulthood. But then it may reoccur at the onset of middle and later years. The male boobs are often attributed and caused by the following reasons:

  1. Sex hormones imbalance
  2. Heredity/ genes
  3. Prescribed medications and drug abuse (steroids including)
  4. Alcohol (lots of it) and marijuana use
  5. Over weight
  6. Aging
  7. Chronic and other related disease

The condition often affects male’s physique as well as emotional state. The condition may range from simple enlargement to slightly puffy nipples to large and really female-looking breasts.

Male boobs are also always seen on men who are obese or overweight. They can be caused though by the body’s excess fat and not by breasts tissue. They can be easily remedied by other weight loss procedure.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Effects of Male boobs


  1. The male boobs kill your overall “macho” look.
  2. It looks awkward in your overall look.
  3. It doesn’t let you go topless
  4. Turns off girls

Psychological and Emotional

  1. Stress.
  2. You become too self conscious.
  3. You get affected by bullies.
  4. Men who have male boobs are often subjected to mockery.
  5. Socialization has been hindered.
  6. Self-esteem has been lowered.
  7. Anxiety and depression sets in.
  8. Self-confidence isn’t visible; you tend to hide from people rather.
  9. Male worthiness or man worth has decline.
  10. Stress and impact of the male boobs and surrounding events may lead to further obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.
  11. Unhealthy fear of cancer also sets in.

So there you go. It seems that the emotional and the psychological effects are more than the physical one. But we should understand this because men have a different psychological and emotional map from women. To them their physicality is one of the reasons that they can be called men. I guess no one can change that.

Remedy to Male Boobs

  1. Interval training exercises. Bench press and push up are the most common training exercise known to help in reducing male boobs. A constant and disciplined routine will help but it will not altogether remove the problem. It should be done by two other things below.
  2. Good diet plan. Avoid all food that spells “fast-food”. They contain fats that make your body more bloated. Make sure you bank on foods rich in fiber and eat more fruits. Drink lots of water to wash down toxins. Watch out for oily and salty foods as well, reduce on them.
  3. Male Breast Reduction. Okay, this might be the best and the most ultimate solution and remedy in there. Many cosmetic surgery clinics are offering it in line with their other procedures too. The surgery happens through liposuction wherein the fat and glandular tissue is being removed from the breast. Doctors may advise you though not to get too high for expectations. It could get a couple more of the process and more effort to achieve its best results.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Image Courtesy: Vishal Kapoor via Flickr

The surgery may take one to two hours the most. It is an outpatient basis procedure. After recovering from anesthesia, one can go home right away. Pain medications can be prescribed later by your doctor.

But before undergoing the surgery make sure that you understand the risks and complications involved here. To reduce your risk, look for the best and most qualified surgeon in town. A formal training can also be an edge of your surgeon over all other doctors out there.

Temporary loss of sensitivity from the nipple and surrounding area is one of the most common things that will happen after. The sensation will just return later. Staying healthy and doing exercise as well as eating the right food will help in reducing the recurrence of the Gynaecomastia.

Gynaecomastia or male boobs reduction can cost from $6000 and $10000 (AUD) estimate. This will include all the fees.

Do you feel awkward having male boobs? How did you overcome your situation? What remedies did you undergo?


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