How We Began To Celebrate Mother’s Day

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So where did Mother’s Day begin?

In Ancient Greece Rhea was considered the mother of the gods and the people used to pay tribute to her every spring time. It is also recorded that in England, later on in history, people would pay tribute to their mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent- what was known as “Mothering Sunday.”

In the year 1872 a lady named Julia Ward Howe suggested the idea of an official Mother’s Day but it wasn’t until a lady called Miss Anna M. Jarvis, who lived in Philadelphia, came along that Mother’s Day became an official holiday. Miss Anna made this happen by leading a letter-writing campaign to influential public characters explaining why there should be a Mother’s Day.

Where did Miss Jarvis get the idea for a Mother’s Day from?

Well understandably enough, from her own mother! Anna was very close to her mother and when Anna was 41 her mother passed away in May 1905. It was only after her mother’s death that Anna felt that children should know how to appreciate their mothers when she is still alive. It was Anna’s hope that Mother’s Day would encourage children to reflect on their importance of their mothers in their lives and would increase love and respect among family members.

When was the first ever Mother’s Day?

On the second anniversary of her mother’s death, Anna persuaded her mother’s church in West Virginia to celebrate Mother’s Day- it fell out on the second Sunday of May. By the following year Mother’s Day was also being celebrated in the state of Philadelphia. Two years later the governor of West Virginia delivered a Mother’s Day proclamation and Oklahoma also celebrated that year.

And when did Mother’s Day become an official day?

In May 1913 the proposal was brought to the attention of The House of Representatives who requested from all public important figures, such as the President and members of the Congress, to wear a white carnation on Mother’s Day. A year later the second Sunday in May was officially proclaimed Mother’s Day.

In the United States of America, the American flag is displayed on public and private buildings on Mother’s Day as a sign of the love and reverence for mothers country-wide.

Mother's Day Gift NecklaceRoses are to Valentine’s Day, what are to Mother’s Day?

Apparently Miss Anna’s mother’s favorite flowers were white carnations and therefore this was the flower chosen to represent Mother’s Day due to the associated purity and endurance of a mother. With time though the red carnation became the symbol of the living mother whereas the white carnation became the symbol of a mother who has passed away.

Do countries other than the USA celebrate Mother’s Day?

They do indeed- many countries, including Australia, Belgium, Italy and Turkey celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day that America celebrates it. In some other countries Mother’s Day is celebrated on a different day.

How can one make Mother’s Day memorable for one’s mother?

Here are some quick ideas for how to make Mother’s Day special for your mother;

Make her breakfast in bed

Do acts of kindness without letting her know- such as one of her chores

Do your own chores without her having to ask

Write a special letter for your mother telling her what you appreciate about her and how much you love her

Make a homemade gift based on what she’d like

Well, we hope you got a little bit of a glimpse at the background of Mother’s Day and understand a little more about the special day. Make sure to show your mother how much you appreciate her every day and not just on Mother’s Day!

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