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The Benefits of Choosing a Reputable Organization when Volunteering in Phnom Penh

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Many past volunteers in Phnom Penh shared their happy experiences as they lent a hand and donated their time in the city. Others, on the other hand, did not have the same experience. And some interested volunteers are curious on what makes volunteering in Phnom Penh enjoyable and successful.

Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia. Cambodia. Being one of the prime tourist destinations in South East Asia, it is also one of the popular volunteer destinations.  And because of this, many organizations including Volunteering Solutions offer volunteer placement in the country particularly in Phnom Penh. This makes it more challenging for interested volunteers to find a reputable volunteer organization. But it is important that you carefully select the organization which can arrange your placement. Doing so offers several benefits:

1. A meaningful experience
Your overall volunteer experience is greatly influenced by your volunteer placement. Like if you are interested to volunteer for children orphanage, being placed in an actual orphanage will give you a meaningful experience as opposed to just being placed in a facility that does not really cater to orphans. A reputable volunteer organization can arrange placement for you in some of the facilities where volunteers are greatly needed like orphanages, care centers, schools, hospitals, clinics, and others. It also has long years of experience in providing such services and has already established connections in Phnom Penh. So if you volunteer in Phnom Penh under an organization with a good name, you can have greater assurance that you can get placed in facilities where you really like to volunteer.

2. Safety
Secondly, a reputable organization can help ensure your safety while in Phnom Penh as long as you do not violate any stipulations in the contract. They also normally conduct an orientation where you can learn about safety in the city. The orientation can really help you especially if it is your first time in the city. Additionally, these organizations also ensure that your placement location as well as your housing is really safe because your safety is of utmost importance to them.

3. Great Value
A reputable organization can offer great value for your money because of the many services included in your placement fee. There are organizations that include food, housing, airport pick-up, pre-departure orientation, and 24-hour volunteer assistance as part of their services. You should be able to find an organization that offers these services or more. When you volunteer with such organization, you can get great value for what you will pay for.

4. Get feedbacks from past volunteers in their Website
Additionally, most reputable organizations also post feedbacks or testimonials from past volunteers through videos or interviews. It is one way to learn what to expect when volunteering in Phnom Penh. If an organization is not reputable, they cannot get more testimonials because many of their past volunteers are not also satisfied and happy with their experience.

Knowing the importance of being able to choose a reputable volunteer organization, you should allot a time to plan, compare, and decide on which organization to choose.

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