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Bliss and Glam; Make Your Wedding a Winner

It’s One in the morning. Your father is dancing, empty pint glass in hand, to the latest 70’s funk. Your mother, who has been flitting between floods of tears and tides of red wine, has taken temporary residence in a pile of coats. The less said your younger sibling (and to a lesser extent the state in which you find your own apparel) the better. To summarise; it’s late, uncomfortably hot and you just want to go home. You kiss the bride, exonerate the Father-in-Law, congratulate the groom and pick up the shattered pieces of your family. Same old, same old.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed – Nobody Blue!

But it doesn’t have to be so! Sure the allure of a white wedding in a grand Cathedral swathed in silk and garnished with rose petals is appealing even to the most reserved romantic; but will leave you light in the pocket. So why not try something different? While English weather rarely permits outdoor festivities of any kind, many country houses and large estates provide garden houses, gazebos or follies large enough for the happy couple, the registrars and two witnesses – with plenty of room for the guests to watch the happy event from on the green.
            Of course you could always get married abroad, aboard a cruise liner, underwater or even in zero gravity.

Entertainment – Do Away with the DJ

We’ve already covered it briefly; that horrifying jig, an untimely gyrating of the hips. It isn’t that you actively seek out looking like a plonker, but after a few glasses of vino and the right rhythm it can’t be helped. The man behind the turntables is pulling the strings now.
            Jazz music bands often offer a pool of talent. From Sax and vocal performances to full 5-piece Jazz Bands, a live performance of a few crowd favourites will have old and young swooning and singing together in perfect harmony.

The saxophone floated through the sweet night air. Cut grass had filled my socks and the leather shoes, bought at some expense for the evening, would not see another function. Though to call this evening a function would be cruel. This isn’t a function, it’s a wedding.


A Jazz band will offer a truly unique experience for your special day – the stereotypical class and suave, professional approach of an experienced band will let you focus on the most important events of the day.


Doing Dinner – Australian Style

You have the venue, you have your entertainment. You also have a house/hall/church/field full of hungry guests – how will you feed yours? A novel idea is to throw a barbeque – a lavish barbeque – spit roasting facilities are relatively affordable and an impressive spectacle. Long tables and benches are not only economic but also create a family feeling of sharing and community.

For your vegetarian guests wealth of tasty options are available; from shish-courgette-kebabs to roasted peppers all type of flavours, colours, smells and textures.

But at the end of the day it’s your big day; however you chose to spend your day spend it well and enjoy yourself!   

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Robert Clark is well versed in Wedding revelry and has a wealth of experience organising small events and appriciating jazz music. He is writing for Sax and Honey; a professional Jazz band for hire who provide entertainment from business receptions to wedding events. 

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