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Brazil is a country in South America that lies across half of the continent. It is the fifth biggest country in the world. Brazil is a very interesting country with very unique features that place it among the best tourist destinations in the world some of which include the amazon jungle; wild and untouched, wetlands with numerous wildlife, a long coastline that is about 4, 600 miles or 7, 500km in length, waterfalls, colonial towns that are filled with music and many other attractions.


Ouro Preto

there are very many wonderful destinations that a visitor in Brazil can visit but there are those one could say are special or a must go. These include; Ouro Preto which means ‘black gold’. Ouro Preto is a colonial town that dates back to the 17th century and has been very well preserved. Some of the features of this town are; Portuguese architecture from the colonial times as well as sculptures by Aleijadinho. These special features of this town have made it to be a popular tourist destination that even new buildings put up in the town must adhere to the historical standards.

Amazon River

A visit to Brazil would definitely be incomplete without an experience of the beautiful Amazon River in the Amazon rainforest. This is the second largest River in the world after the Nile and the largest by volume. It has many species of fish, over 3000 some of which have not yet been discovered. The Amazon has about a tenth of the world’s living species. Tours in this jungle are often done via boats, upriver into the ambience that is damp and buzzing.


Igaucu Falls

The Igaucu Falls are a great wonder of the world. They consist of 275 falls all of which are along the Iguacu River. These falls are situated right at Brazil and Argentina’s border. They can be reached from the Brazilian side from the Foz do Igaucu cities. One of the most spectacular features about these falls is the Devil’s throat which is U- shaped and has a height of 82 meters.
Just by the mention of the word Carnival. One’s mind quickly shifts to Brazil. With these celebrations happening across the whole country, one cannot fail to experience this exciting experience. The carnival that happens in Rio de Janeiro is quite recommendable. With over two million people on the streets, a quarter of those being foreigners, it is just not acceptable for anyone visiting Brazil not to experience Samba. Other great carnivals include those at Recife, Salvador and Olinda.


The Pantanal is another great tourist destination in Brazil. It is a vast Wetland that lies in Brazil’s western part. It a lot of wildlife like yacare Caiman and Capybara. It is also home to the largest population of jaguars in America. This wetland extends to Paraguay and Bolivia.
The historic center of Olinda is also great. Situated at the northern coast this preserved colonial city has lots of attractions among them; churches, the historic downtown place, the carnival of Olinda that’s very famous. There are also restaurants, bars, studios, craftspeople all of which bring charm to Olinda.

Brazil is an endless list of attractions like

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro commonly referred to as Rio which is the second largest city of Brazil known for its natural settings like Carnival celebrations at the Sambodromo which is a permanent grandstand-lined parade avenue, samba, Bossa Nova, balneario beaches such as Ipanema, Leblon and Barra da Tijuca. Most famous is Christ the Redeemer the giant statue which is the New Seven Wonders of the World; apart from that the Maracana Stadium which is one of the world’s largest football stadiums and the cable car ride at Sugarloaf Mountain makes your journey an amazing experience.

Salvador, Bahia

Salvador, Bahia, the original capital of Colonial Brazil. It is also known with its nick names like the Capital of Happiness, because of the incredible parties and fun that happens around the time of Carnival and Black Rome as it has the highest percentage of people of African descent. Tourists can also visit Pelourinho, one of the most symbolic neighbourhoods in Bahia which is located in the historic city center famous for its wonderfully preserved colonial Baroque architecture which became a reason for it to be declared as a World Heritage.

It is the desire of many to visit this amazing country that is filled with life and a happy people. This desire should be the one that necessitates good preparation for one’s next holiday in Brazil not forgetting having the correct travel requirements by ESTA. For more details contact ESTA to experience the magnificence of these beautiful destinations in Brazil.  Once everything is in place, there is nothing that should be a hindrance for a fun filled vacation at this great country.

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