How to Make Your Budget Corporate Gift Baskets Look Expensive

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Corporate gift giving between businesses, their customers and prospects is a smart marketing strategy as it generates good will. Although luxury corporate gift baskets make a great gifting option for this purpose, they’re expensive and most small business owners don’t have that budget. Therefore, it needs proper planning and brainstorming when it comes to choosing the right gift baskets.

Here are some tips on how to make budget corporate gift baskets look expensive so that they perfectly represent your brand to your clients.

  1. Use Attractive Baskets or Containers


Look out for interesting and unusual baskets or containers for arranging your gifts. Unique containers will attract the recipients’ attention and since they’re not much used to them, they won’t judge their cost. Don’t go for common wicker baskets. Get boxco and laddered boxes, split wood, pleather, bamboo, metal, seagrass or unique shaped paper baskets instead.

One of the tactics small businesses can leverage is to arrange gift items on these attractive containers in such a way that it looks fuller. The idea is to utilize the visual impact and make the gift baskets look pricier.

  1. Use Appealing Fillers


Fillers are used to fill up the gaps between products to make the gift basket look fuller and provide cushioning to the products. They keep the products safe from rubbing against each other or bumping off the basket. Buy crinkle papers, shreds, excelsior, pom pom flowers, and dried flowers to serve as fillers.

If you want to save a bit of money, you can prepare your own fillers by cutting out strips of old tissue paper, glossy and colourful papers. Curl the strips to make them more interesting. You can also use some leftover Easter grass.

  1. Use High-Quality Cellophane Bags


Cellophane wraps can give your gift baskets a very polished look. Don’t use cheap transparent plastic bags as they’ll make your gift basket look cheaper, even if you select good products and containers. When you wrap the gift baskets with the cellophane bags, make sure that you have a nice gather at the top before cutting the wrap. Give the gathering a long twist and tie it with a curling ribbon to complete the look.

  1. Include Package Toppers


Ribbons, bows, and other themed toppers are essential to make the gift basket packaging gorgeous. If you don’t want to use those common cheap looking bows available at store fronts, use silk flowers instead. For example, if you’re making a gourmet gift basket with beverages, include a toy soldier bottle opener with satin bow or ribbons. Toppers make a nice addition to the overall decoration of the package and can make a real difference to your otherwise inexpensive gift basket.

  1. Choose the Right Gifts


Decide on your theme and budget first to find relevant gifts for making your corporate gift baskets. Gourmet gift baskets make great gifts that can be commonly sent during the holiday season as food and beverages are the most popular gift categories. There are thousands of wholesale gift items available at the best prices that you can buy for your inexpensive gift baskets. Buying in bulk will also help you manage your costs.

It’s not very difficult to present your inexpensive gift baskets as something exclusive. With a little effort and planning, you can easily make your gift baskets get noticed and appreciated. Follow the above tips and see the difference. Happy gifting!

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