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Career Spotlight; Becoming A Fashion Designer

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When you finish school, the world is your oyster and you will have already started thinking about your career. You will know what you are interested in, have a passion for and are good at. If the thought to become a fashion designer has crossed your mind, then this is the article for you, so read on. In this interesting and informative article, we look at how to become a fashion designer.

Passion and aptitude

Before even starting on your journey to become a fashion designer, the passion and aptitude for fashion, design and art needs to be present. Evaluate your skills and if you believe you will be truly great at being a fashion designer then start the steps to become one.

Education and requirements

While still in school, speak to a guidance counsellor and get an idea of what subjects will assist you in becoming a fashion designer. Art, fashion, computer science and design are all credible courses or subjects that will help you for your future of becoming a fashion designer. Requirements to become a fashion designer state that it’s a viable idea to get a degree, so one needs to make sure to accumulate enough points to get into college. Increase your chances of success as well as broaden your knowledge on fashion design by applying for entry into a 3 to 4 year degree in fashion design. This will help you significantly. While completing your studies, make sure to excel and learn as much as you can. During this time you will have created a portfolio and it’s incredibly important to note that your portfolio is the most important entity of starting your career when you decided to become a fashion designer. Over the years you study you must contribute all of your best works to your portfolio and continually improve and evolve it. You portfolio will be your most important aspect when you apply for both an internship and a job.

The importance in internships

When you decide to become a successful fashion designer, you need to know the importance of completing as many internships as possible. One of the most prominent steps to become a fashion designer is to research the companies and organisations where you would one day love to work and on your holidays and at the end of your studies, complete internships there. An internship will give you very important and vital real life experience and will look great on your resume. Some of the time the companies where you completed your internships at will even hire you on a permanent basis.

Good luck and ifs it your dream to become a fashion designer then follow that dream!

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