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  • PopCorn

    Top Five Best Movies of 2013

    Mar 5, 14 • 2975 Views • Entertainment, MoviesNo Comments

    2013 has been a great year for Hollywood as there have been many movies which have impressed audiences around the world. Movies such as Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Monster’s University and Gravity have shown that Hollywood is only beginning to bring back...

  • Man_of_Steel-Superman-Movie

    Man of Steel Movie Review

    Dec 18, 13 • 3644 Views • Entertainment, MoviesNo Comments

    When most movies come out, they follow a particular sequence where the older movies are an earlier time and the most recent movies are further along the timeline. However, there are some situations where movies backtrack and tell pieces of the story that are...

  • gouttefemme134

    Five Best Trucker Movies of all Time

    Jul 25, 13 • 4555 Views • MoviesNo Comments

      Long-haul trucking. There’s always been something romantic and very American about this notion — the open road, the trucker’s Spartan lifestyle, experiencing the nation’s majestic scenery on 18 wheels. And how about those CB radios? Like...

  • Pellicola12

    Best Movies about Big Business

    Jul 25, 13 • 2372 Views • MoviesNo Comments

    Those who were alive and halfway coherent in the 1980s remember it as a decade rife with the excesses of capitalism. It was an era when big business ruled the day and Wall St. culture first took root in the American consciousness. And this time period was...

  • 30

    Horror Film Fancy Dress Ideas Halloween

    Jun 29, 13 • 4826 Views • Fashion, MoviesNo Comments

    There are many brilliant horror films that are loved by audiences around the world. Some had a huge budget whereas others cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Either way, they are still very scary and can be the inspiration for Halloween fancy dress. So,...

  • Audio Transcription

    What is a post-production transcript?

    Jun 27, 13 • 2741 Views • Entertainment, Movies, Uncategorized1 Comment

    Post-production transcripts are used by television and film production teams.  These transcripts are produced after the production has been completed and provide a definitive word for word, shot by shot, minute by minute account of the film.  The...

  • Best YouTube Videos

    The Best YouTube Videos Of All Time

    Jun 18, 13 • 2548 Views • Entertainment, Movies, MusicNo Comments

    Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has grown to become the most popular video sharing website on the Internet. It features everything from home videos to professional content created by media corporations such as the CBS and the BBC, and attracts over one...

  • Movie Projector

    How Special Effects In Movies Are Made

    Jun 3, 13 • 8571 Views • Entertainment, MoviesNo Comments

    People are always amazed at how realistic special effects are in films nowadays. Technology moves on so quickly that even if you look back only a matter of 10 years you notice how poor the effects are in high budget Hollywood blockbusters like Hulk and 300....

  • vatican-96577_1920

    The Top 5 Most Famous Film Actors To Appear In Video Games

    May 31, 13 • 3150 Views • Entertainment, MoviesNo Comments

    Video and computer games are enjoyed by millions. People of all ages play various games that range in genre from fantasy adventure to first person shooters. However, what connects all games together are the characters and heroes that are either playable or...

  • Cinema FIlmstrip

    Types Of Accessibility Screening At The Cinema

    May 24, 13 • 2524 Views • Entertainment, MoviesNo Comments

    The most important advancement within the movie industry over the last 10 years has nothing to do with Blu Rays, Dolby Surround Sound, IMAX or 3D screens but instead the improvement of accessibility for disabled people so that they too can enjoy the cinema as...