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  • winter

    Winter Fashion Tips for 2013

    Nov 7, 13 • 2137 Views • FashionNo Comments

    Winter is right around the corner, which means there’s no better time than now to start thinking about the approach you’re going to take to fashion this coming season. Cooler temperatures mean you get to play with a variety of different types of...

  • harper0_106076

    Gothic Clothing : Lets You Create a Fashion Statement Of Your Own

    Oct 15, 13 • 4463 Views • FashionNo Comments

    Gothic or goth represents a unique dressing mostly in black that expresses your exclusive personality. Gothic is the name for a subculture and gothic fashion is all about making a unique style, a style with a difference. When it is about gothic fashion you...

  • Be a Fashioner and Create Something Different

    Be a Fashioner and Create Something Different

    Aug 18, 13 • 1796 Views • Fashion, PhotoNo Comments

    Well-conceptualized interior of your home or office space narrates your true inner. Each category of posters and canvases is exceptionally maintained to satisfy art lovers all around the world. Have you ever given a thought, how much does the environment and...

  • halloween_costumes_2011

    Gruesome Outfits To Terrify The Neighbours This Halloween

    Jul 29, 13 • 3314 Views • FashionNo Comments

    With a chill already in the air, it is safe to say it won’t be long until October arrives. With Halloween just around the corner, many people will be seizing the opportunity to get dressed up and bring all manner of gruesome characters to life....

  • VS-73

    Quinceanera Queen: 5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Dress

    Jul 25, 13 • 2064 Views • FashionNo Comments

    There is much planning involved in preparing for a young Latina lady’s quinceanera—the traditional party celebrating a 15-year-old girl’s transition from childhood into womanhood. A theme or colors must be chosen, food needs to be prepared or catered,...

  • Pandora vs Thomas Sabo

    Jul 15, 13 • 33093 Views • Fashion1 Comment

    I’m a massive fan of Thomas Sabo and Pandora jewellery and have lots of jewellery from both brands in my jewellery box. Out of the two brands, it’s difficult to figure out which one is better …  I thought I’d have a closer look and write an article...

  • Thomas Sabo: Why I love the brand

    Jul 11, 13 • 3060 Views • FashionNo Comments

    It’s fair to say that at the moment my favourite jewellery brand is Thomas Sabo – this is for a variety of different reasons. I thought I’d write a post with you to share the reasons why I love this brand so much. Firstly, Thomas Sabo has so many...

  • pearls jewellery

    Some Interesting Designs of Pearl Jewellery

    Jul 9, 13 • 4450 Views • FashionNo Comments

    This article discusses about all the new developments that directed the pearl market into the next level of jewellery designs. This development allowed us to witness various types, colors and sizes of pearls available in both, traditional and modern designed...

  • fashion

    My top jewellery designers

    Jul 8, 13 • 1653 Views • FashionNo Comments

     I absolutely love buying jewellery; I have a huge collection now with over 10 full jewellery boxes. Although my addiction is a bit ridiculous, I can’t stop buying new jewellery, especially when there are so many pretty designs on the market at the moment....

  • 30

    Horror Film Fancy Dress Ideas Halloween

    Jun 29, 13 • 4826 Views • Fashion, MoviesNo Comments

    There are many brilliant horror films that are loved by audiences around the world. Some had a huge budget whereas others cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Either way, they are still very scary and can be the inspiration for Halloween fancy dress. So,...