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    Indian Summer Jewellery Collection from Tomassa

    Jun 17, 13 • 2637 Views • FashionNo Comments

    Established in 2012, Tomassa is a new jewellery house specialising in the design and sale of luxury jewellery for all occasions and to suit all pockets. Based in the heart of London’s design and jewellery district, it has rapidly gained a reputation for its...

  • Seasonal Leggings

    How to Correctly Wear Seasonal Leggings

    Jun 14, 13 • 8348 Views • FashionNo Comments

    Our world and daily lives are governed by various laws of sciences that we must comply to. There are four seasons that govern the environmental and climate changes we come to experience everyday of our lives. How we dress is not restricted by any law of...

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    Jewelry Sizes For Plus Size Women

    Jun 13, 13 • 7185 Views • FashionNo Comments

    All women like wearing jewelry, especially for special occasions. Many women wear sentimental jewelry more for their emotional value rather than because of vanity. If you want something you can wear everyday, try finding jewelry pieces that do not cause skin...

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    How to Rock Summer 2013 Catwalk Fashion Trends

    Jun 12, 13 • 3185 Views • FashionNo Comments

    Here’s a rundown of what items of clothing are in fashion this season and of how to make decisions about what to try on based on how clothing is presented in the store. Finally, summer has arrived. Nobody likes shopping for beachwear in the rain, but...

  • Look Skinnier

    Clothes That Make You Look Skinnier

    Jun 11, 13 • 7587 Views • FashionNo Comments

    There are many women who are extra conscious of their weight and the way that it makes them appear with the clothes that they have. While losing weight can take a lot of hard work and time, finding the right clothes to help you look skinnier is one simple way...

  • 5 of the worst pieces of custom clothing

    Jun 10, 13 • 5642 Views • FashionNo Comments

    ‘The clothes maketh the man’ wrote William Shakespeare, and today it is often the case that the man or woman will be making the clothes too. Custom clothing is a big deal and as what you wear definitely says something about you and your...

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    Pearls Jewellery Brides first choice

    Jun 9, 13 • 3209 Views • FashionNo Comments

    Pearls are one of the best and precious stones that could be worn anywhere at any event type. It carries a sense of elegance, stature and dignity. No matter, what type or size you are wearing, you’ll be above all so why not now?? Check online galleries and...

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    The convenience and simplicity of online fashionable clothes for shopping

    Jun 7, 13 • 4624 Views • FashionNo Comments

    Online shopping has become a popular way of updating your wardrobe, buying groceries or paying for goods and services. It has completely revolutionised the fashion industry and the way we shop. Convenient and easily accessible, online shopping saves you money...

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    Tips Related To Shopping For Your Online Jewellery And Fashionable Accessories

    Jun 7, 13 • 1627 Views • FashionNo Comments

    There is such a wide selection of jewellery available nowadays that it can become difficult to decide what you want to buy. These tips will help you narrow it down a little when you shop for your jewellery online. When it comes to shopping for jewellery,...

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    Up and coming designers to snap up now

    Jun 5, 13 • 2681 Views • FashionNo Comments

    Designer fashion with the advent of social media and the internet is now far more accessible than it ever has been previously. Catwalk shows are now streamed on line for us all to see and in seconds we can pick out amazing pieces from 1000’s of different...