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    Creating Dresses From Newspaper Dress Patterns For Dolls

    May 18, 13 • 10095 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    We previously posted a blog about creating the perfect gifts for girls. By creating new dresses for the girl in your life’s doll collection, you are giving a gift made from the heart. The previous blog showed you how to make a dress pattern for dolls...

  • Early Morning on Playground

    The Best Retirement Gifts For Men

    May 17, 13 • 11433 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    What kind of gifts do we give to men who are about to retire? This is essential since we want them to feel appreciated and recognized during their  day of retirement. There are many ideas about the things we can give. Of course, these gifts must also...

  • 10 Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas, No Shopping Required

    May 14, 13 • 38834 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    Picture Credit Matthew Wilkinson It’s happened to every student: a fancy dress party invitation gets sent your way and you start counting your pennies, only to come to the sinking realisation that you can’t use any of them on things like costumes if...

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    Making Girl Shoes

    May 14, 13 • 9422 Views • Fashion, LifestyleNo Comments

    Collecting dolls is the perfect hobby for the young ladies in your life. Dolls are not the only gift for girls that can be given, because there are also large ranges of doll accessories that can be made right from the comfort of your own home. We have done...

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    Top 5 Water Activities To Keep You Fit And Healthy

    May 13, 13 • 2179 Views • Diet & Fitness, Family fun, Lifestyle1 Comment

    As you probably already know, exercise is mandatory for your physical and emotional well being. Exercise promotes weight loss, boosts mood, and fights diseases. Research shows that everyone should be spending at least a half hour exercising on a daily basis....

  • Early Morning on Playground

    Celebrate That Special Birthday In Style

    May 12, 13 • 1413 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    Reaching a milestone in your life can be very exciting, especially if you’re just about to turn 18 or 21. At this point, you’re still at that stage where fun is what it’s all about. Spending time with your friends is probably the one thing you look...