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    Things to Consider For a Successful Date

    Feb 24, 14 • 3983 Views • DatingNo Comments

    Once you go through the information provided above, you’re first date will definitely turn to be a huge success. Dating is a thrilling experience especially if it’s your first one as it gives a chance to know each other in a better way to establish...

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    How To Find Love Again After A Breakup?

    Feb 16, 14 • 3118 Views • DatingNo Comments

    A break-up is really an unfortunate happening in the life of any person. A person whether male or female feels completely shattered when faced with sex. Life seems to be a dull and darker place. But it is not the end of life as it life doesn’t stop for...

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    Jul 1, 13 • 4413 Views • DatingNo Comments

    It takes some serious confidence to get out and about on the dating scene and never is this truer than when you are new in a big city like London. There are a few tips to remember to boost your chances of success on the dating scene in a new location and help...

  • Catfishing Worldwide: The Latest Faucet in Criminal Heartbreak

    Jun 14, 13 • 2641 Views • Dating, LoveNo Comments

    When Yaniv “Nev” Schulman agreed to allow his brother to make a documentary about his online dating experience, he couldn’t have known that the escapades that followed would eventually result in a new verb – catfishing. The documentary “Catfish”...

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    Five Financial Discussions Every New Couple Must Make

    May 29, 13 • 1941 Views • DatingNo Comments

    Whether you are newly married or a couple who has recently moved in together, you and your partner need to have a discussion about your finances as a couple.  Finances are different for couples as opposed to roommates as there is more co-mingling of finances...

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    Spying On Your Partner: Things To Consider

    May 24, 13 • 2147 Views • Dating, LoveNo Comments

    Image by milena mihaylova I’m just going to rip off the metaphorical waxing strip early on so we can shake a tail and move on to a less preachy, more chortley type of a read. Spousal spying is, on the whole, a sign of bad times. Whether questionable...

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    How Did Online Dating Became So Popular?

    May 24, 13 • 5394 Views • Dating, LoveNo Comments

    Online dating has become incredibly popular in recent years. There used to be a massive stigma against finding love online, but its high success rate has forced people to change their minds about it. Online dating has a higher rate of success than traditional...

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    Bliss And Glam

    May 21, 13 • 1869 Views • Dating, Love, WeddingNo Comments

    Bliss and Glam; Make Your Wedding a Winner It’s One in the morning. Your father is dancing, empty pint glass in hand, to the latest 70’s funk. Your mother, who has been flitting between floods of tears and tides of red wine, has taken temporary...

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    What Colour Should You Wear on a Date?

    May 20, 13 • 2128 Views • Dating, FashionNo Comments

    It seems no one can get enough date advice; people want to know where to go, what to say, what to eat, how to act. One of the most important questions in planning a date is deciding what to wear. First impressions can be everything and if you dislike...

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    The Romance Of The Italian Cities

    May 17, 13 • 1629 Views • Dating, LoveNo Comments

    Venice never disappoints  If there is one city in the world that lives up to its expectations it would be Venice. Despite it being considered an expensive destination, thankfully exploring the city and soaking up the spectacular views will cost you...