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Celebrate That Special Birthday In Style

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Reaching a milestone in your life can be very exciting, especially if you’re just about to turn 18 or 21. At this point, you’re still at that stage where fun is what it’s all about. Spending time with your friends is probably the one thing you look forward to all the time.

If you have a friend who is about to celebrate their 18th or 21st, what could be better than treating them to something really special? You could organise a venue especially for them and have it decorated according their style and you could even organise a D.J. to play all their favourite tracks at the event.

Of course, the very best parties are those that are a surprise to the person of the hour and most of this will be done without them even knowing. However, what do you do about transport? Your friend shouldn’t be the designated driver for the night (for obvious reasons) and many of the guests will want to partake in a glass of champagne so, finding a driver who’s willing to abstain for the evening could be a little difficult.

What to do about Transport

Well, the perfect answer is to consider approaching a limo hire company. Now, you may be thinking “what’s the big deal about a limo?” The thing is companies that hire them are not just about providing a fancy car and driver. They will give you all sorts of added extras. You can have the car decorated and you’re not limited to the classic stretched white limousine with blacked out windows.

Stretched Hummers are fast becoming all the rage and there isn’t a person on the pavement that won’t know that something special is going on as you drive by. On your way to the venue, you can be treated to drinks, a bit of well chosen music and some party lighting that will get everyone in the mood.

Of course, your friend will know by now that they’re in for something special but what could be better if they are under the impression the limo is their gift, only to find they arrive at a venue chosen especially for them. You could make this night something they will talk about for years to come.

Something a Little More Intimate

So far, I’ve done nothing more than target the younger generation. However hiring a limo for a special event is option that everyone should consider. Perhaps your other half is about to celebrate a more discerning milestone in their life. Just because you might be past the “raging” party stage in your life, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a birthday really special.

What could be more romantic than being collected by a properly attired chauffeur who is standing in front of a white stretched limo decked in bows and roses? Nothing would be the answer to that question.

You and your partner could then be whisked away in luxurious comfort while you enjoy some romantic mood lighting, soft music and a glass of champagne. It doesn’t have to end their either. Take your loved one to the best restaurant in town and when you’re ready to leave; your chauffeur will be waiting for you.

The Best Thing of All

You may be thinking all of this will come with the same price tag as it would for a celebrity but this isn’t true. Limos are not expensive to hire for the evening. In fact, if a group of you are sharing the cost, it will be less per person than a few rounds of drinks at your local nightclub!

Steven Capocci is a writer who believes that you should always celebrate a milestone birthday in style. If you are looking for limo hire, Leicester companies can help you to find the perfect form of transport to make that special birthday just that little bit more memorable.

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