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What Makes China Different from other Volunteer Destinations

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Out of the many countries in Asia, one country that is becoming more and more popular for volunteers is China. Volunteers from other countries in Asia as well as Western countries travel to the country to volunteer in various programs. Volunteering in China gives volunteers a chance to participate in different programs and to explore the country which has a rich history dating back to 2,000 B.C.

China differs from other volunteer destinations in three ways:

1. A wide range of volunteer programs available. If you are planning of volunteering in China, you will not have to worry about finding a volunteer program that will suit you. Various volunteer organizations have different programs in China. These include programs for orphans, street children, the disabled, poor children, poor communities, and programs for other disadvantaged people. Most of the volunteer organizations have volunteer placements in major cities in China like Shanghai and Beijing. But you may also find limited placements in small communities where there are facilities that need volunteers.

2. A wide range of attractions to visit. Volunteering in China is quite exciting and interesting because of the numerous choices of attractions that you can visit while you are in the country. In Shanghai alone, there are many popular attractions that you can go to like the Shanghai Museum, the Nanjing Lu which is a popular shopping street, the Jade Buddha Temple, the Bund where you can see many of China’s historical landmarks, and the Yu Yuan Garden among others. In Beijing, there are also more famous attractions that you can find such as The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Great Wall in Beijing, and other imperial tombs and temples. If you are volunteering in China and your program placement is anywhere near Beijing or Shanghai, you will have a good opportunity to visit more attractions.

3. More people need help. When volunteering in China, your efforts will not be in vain because there are really many people in the country who need help. And various non government organizations organize various projects to help these people. Your volunteer organization will arrange your placement with a non government organization so that you can help in their projects. You can help in orphanages, care centers, schools for disabled, community schools, and other facilities where the poor and less privileged people are given attention. The facility where you will be assigned to depends on the program that you choose like if you chose an orphanage program, your placement will be in an orphanage.

Volunteering in China can really be a unique experience because of the three reasons mentioned above. If there is one place where you can enjoy both volunteerism and travel, one of those places is China.

If you are interested in volunteering in China, you can sign up for a program placement in various reputable volunteer organizations such as Volunteering Solutions. You can choose which program you like, when you like to volunteer, and for how long you like to volunteer. Volunteering in China can be successful through these volunteer organizations.

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