Why You Should Choose Office Equipment Leasing

Why You Should Choose Office Equipment Leasing

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There are many business today that have taken advantage of canon copy machine rentals and it has steadily grown to become the most popular choice especially among small and medium sized businesses that have to mid-to-high volume printer and photocopiers. These companies want to use the same methods that large multi-nationals use in order to maintain a tight control on their funds in addition to enjoying tax benefits as well as upgrading opportunities that come with black and white printer rentals over making outright purchases.

How it works: Affordable Formax rentals refers to a contract between a customer and finance company that gives the customer the use of different types of office equipment on rental payments for an agreed period of time. When you use Formax shredder rentals you are allowed to lease the equipment and make a series of regular payments instead of making one large capital outlay.

Why lease rather than purchase: There are several cash flow and tax relief benefits that have worked to make colored printer rentals provide a stronger case than an outright purchase. When you choose to buy any of this equipment outright you invest your money which in turn ties up your cash in an asset that is depreciating. Canon copiers for rent, on the other hand gives you an opportunity to save your financial resources for other more important opportunities or purposes. If you want to get the correct details of exactly how this will turn out to be beneficial to you, you should talk your accountant for the finer details.

One other great benefit of choosing canon copy machine rentals over purchasing has to do with advancements in technology; most modern photocopier machines and printers are multi-functional which means that they can combine all the functions of a printer or color printer where applicable, a photocopier, a scanner, a document manager, a PDF writer and fax machine. It makes a great deal of sense to be able to automatically upgrade your equipment as soon as there is a new kid on the block instead of getting stuck up with some outdated equipment.

Capital: You are always better off using your available capital to expand your business of buying assets that appreciate in value; the use of black and white printers for lease ensures that you have preserved all your resources for more precious purposes and other business opportunities; this also enable you to preserve you existing bank lines and enhance your use of commercial credit sources.

Flexible payment: Canon copy machine rentals gives you the option to choose a leasing arrangement that you find most comfortable but in most cases it can take up to 5 years. This gives you immediate access to a printer, shredder or photocopier than you need with using payments that your business can handle.

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