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How to clean up after a thrilling Halloween night?

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Everyone around the world anxiously wait for the month of October for it brings Halloween night and a chance to play all the tricks and pranks we save throughout the year. Preparation starts a month in advance for the big night but with all the tasty joy and fright fun, Halloween also brings a share of stains that are utterly scary! Now that you’ve managed chocolate, candy, pumpkin and Halloween make-up blots, here’s how to tackle them.

Hair gel & spray

You must’ve enjoyed playing a reluctant werewolf or vampire all night long but what about the gruesome hair gel and spray patches on the costume! Before you soak the fabric in water, scrape away dried product remains and spray stain remover. If the cloth is bleach-safe, make a solution by adding one-fourth cup of chlorine bleach to a gallon of tepid water and let the piece infuse the piece for about 30 minutes. Replace bleach with ammonia if it’s any other fabric. Gently stretch the affected are over a bucket, pour solution on it, rinse and wash.

Chocolate stains

Chocolate blots contain dyes, cream, fats and sugars that are quite tricky to remove. Carefully remove hardened bits with a butter knife and make sure not to ruin the cloth itself or grinding the stain deeper. Apply dish soap or laundry detergent to the area and allow it to soak for at-least 1o minutes. Launder with warm water but if the stain persists, add two-part hydrogen peroxide to dish soap and leave the fabric for an hour or so. If possible, immerse the garment in oxygen bleach and re-wash till you remove stains permanently and remember, steps maybe repeated if necessary.

Makeup marks

Now this is where things may get more challenging as most of Halloween makeup is made of cheap, greasy and oil-based products that are full of dyes. Carefully read the package and even if it’s labelled “washable”, that isn’t always true so be careful wearing anything too special.

In-case your makeup is made of oil or greasy substance, remove as much as possible with a blunt knife or dab press it gently on a paper towel; don’t rub or the stain would spread further. Though you can also try makeup remover however if it’s an oily cosmetic, do it over a paper towel and repeat the process if stain persists.

Hard candy blots

Treat the affected area with vinegar and warm water, rinse it gently or simply leave it untouched for about five minutes. If the stains turn red, soak the fabric in oxidised bleach for 30 minutes and rewash.


Pumpkin stains

Enjoying Halloween night and not accumulating pumpkin stains; that’s impossible! Such blots are easier to remove for all you need is to scrap dried bits from the garment and run it under cool water. Now, pre-treat the blotch with dish soap or laundry detergent, leave for a few minutes and launder in warm water. Air-dry and rewash if necessary!

Important things to remember

–          Eye the stain as fast as you can and deal with it quickly. The more you wait, the hard it’ll get!

–          While treating, lay a towel in between front and back-end of the garment to prevent transferring it on other side.

–          If mark isn’t removed, tumble drying would set it deeper so make sure you hang the cloth and air-dry. Lest it persists, soak in oxidised bleach!

–           Always throw candy wrappers and other junk in the dustbin or not just the clothes but floor, carpet and other surfaces are likely to collect the stains.

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