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A Closer Look at Microdermabrasion and its Benefits

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Not everyone who looks in the mirror, and notices a few changes are needed to undergo any type of dramatic change.  In fact, many men and women simply want their skin to look a little fresher, or free of minor imperfections. In the past, the only real choice for these changes involved a very uncomfortable procedure, which removed several layers of skin at a time. This was typically not only a painful procedure, but the skin required several days if not weeks to recover. A newer method, the microdermabrasion is becoming popular, as this latest technology involves less recovery time, and the result is a fresher and a smoother complexion. A fresher appearance is usually possible after several treatments.

Microdermabrasion Choices

Having a microdermabrasion or microderm as it’s sometimes called is possible by visiting a clinic, a doctor, or through easy to use at home kits. There are benefits to each of these possibilities. When having this these treatments at a doctors or clinic’s office it’s possible to discover any other defects or issues, which can be addressed, but at home kits are usually effective and far less expensive. Most doctors and clinics will list this treatment as a service they provide.

Common Reasons for a Microdermabrasion

Almost all skin types have positive results with Microdermabrasion. This is in contrast to more invasive treatments such as laser surgery or deep chemicals, which are not recommended for some skin types. Having dark or oil skin doesn’t rule out having a microdermabrasion, as both can see results without the risk of scarring.

Those with light skin types often see sun damage while those with dry skin tend to see the skin small flaws earlier in life. Those with darker skin, or oily skin can see light pitting on the surface of the skin.

How a Microdermabrasion Works

At a doctor’s office or clinic a crystal microdermabrasion wand is used. This device uses a compressor, which draws air through the wand. As this wand comes in contact with the skin it creates a vacuum. The wand then uses its aluminum oxide crystals also referred to as corundum to move along the surface of the skin removing dead cells. Corundum, is one of the strongest minerals next to diamonds, so the removal of dead skin cells occurs remarkably fast, and without the individual having the procedure feeling any discomfort. Another vacuum tube in the wand quickly whisks up the dead cells which go into a disposal bag.

The microdermabrasion process works much like any exfoliation, except the amount of skin removed is much more than is possible with other standard methods. The amount of skin removed is controlled by the doctor or clinical staff using the wand, who will judge how much to remove at a time by determining the needs of the individual having the procedure, and by the thickness of this person’s skin.

When only a little is required the individual might need only a few such treatments, and very little skin removed at a time. For those seeking to have a brown spot, or a scar minimized the doctor or clinic staff might make several passes with the wand during the procedure, and more treatments are usually necessary.

Some clinics and doctors use a diamond-tip for a microdermabrasion. The diamond-tip microdermabrasion is faster, and fewer treatments are necessary. However, most who have this type of treatment report more discomfort from the diamond-tip than other microdermabrasion techniques.

Home microdermabrasion kits use a diamond tip, but the strength of abrasion possible with these wands is substantially less. Less strength will mandate using the wand more frequently, but those who use this method report a gentler experience with little to no discomfort. The home kit is also deemed more convenient, and less costly by those who use this type of process, over seeking professional treatments.

Cautions on the Microdermabrasion

After having a microdermabrasion some light reddening or pink spots on the skin is normal. Typically a majority of red, pink, or puffy skin will clear in a few days or less. Most report some stinging for a short period of time.

Those who have medical conditions including diabetes, which makes the body more susceptible to inflammation or infection should seek a doctor’s advice before having a microdermabrasion. Anyone who has chronic skin inflammation or bacterial infections, rosacea, viral infections that affect the skin, or heavy keloid scarring should look for another method of skin care as the microdermabrasion isn’t recommend for those with these conditions. Doctors recommend against having a treatment if acne is active, or when taking anti-coagulant drugs. It’s also best to wait a 72-hour period after having Botox treatments to have this treatment.

Best Results

For the best results possible with a microdermabrasion looking for doctors or clinics who are experienced, and who have certification in this type of treatment is advised. In using the home kit, it’s recommended to follow the instructions carefully in order to see a softer, smoother skin with a minimum of discomfort.

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