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Clothes That Make You Look Skinnier

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There are many women who are extra conscious of their weight and the way that it makes them appear with the clothes that they have. While losing weight can take a lot of hard work and time, finding the right clothes to help you look skinnier is one simple way that you can use to make yourself look better and thinner without actually shedding all of the unwanted pounds.

Finding the right kinds of clothing can have a major impact in making heavyset women appear thinner and skinnier. This can really be a lot of help in giving yourself more confidence in the way you look whenever you go out of your home.

Below are some useful tips that you can use in picking out clothes and wearing outfits that can help make you look slimmer and skinnier.

Wear Undergarments With Proper Support – Wearing undergarments such as bras which have the right amount of support for your chest can really help in making you look slimmer. Bras without any support will not do your body any justice as it will cause you to look flabby and big. The right bra support can help keep the contour of your body to make you appear thinner.

Buy Clothes That Fit You Properly – Wearing clothes that are one size smaller will make you appear a lot bigger than you actually are. Wearing those which are a lot bigger than your size can have the same effect too. That is why one important tip that you should remember is to wear clothes that fit your body properly so that you can avoid these problems.

Use Black Clothing in Your Outfit – Sometimes it is not actually the size and the style of the clothes that can help make you look slimmer; its color can actually have a big impact. Black outfits have always been considered to have a slimming effect thus having hints of black in your wardrobe is surely a very good idea.

Wear Clothes With Colorful Patterns – Wearing clothes that have colorful and beautiful patterns is another very good way to make you look a lot thinner than you actually are. The patterns help distract other people from your silhouette and thus make you look slimmer. Bright colors are always a great idea as they help in drawing attention away from the shape of your body to give you a slimmer look.

V-neck Shirts and Blouses – Clothing which have v-necks should be something that bigger women should have in their closets. This is because the v-neck shirts and blouses help draw more attention to the upper part of your body which contributes in making you look somewhat thinner. The vertical necklines will have the effect of making your torso look more narrow which really helps in your overall appearance.

Wear Clothes With Vertical Lines – Vertical lines causes wide objects to look a lot narrower. This is the reason why wearing clothes with vertical lines or patterns is a great idea if you want to look a lot slimmer than you actually are. The vertical lines give the illusion of a slender body which can be really advantageous particularly for those who would want to look slimmer.


This is a guest post by Jessica Price. A writer and a fashionista at heart. She loves the glitz and glamour of dressing up in the most fashionable pieces including the latest Amy Childs Clothing Collection from Lipstick Boutique.

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