What Colour Should You Wear on a Date?

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It seems no one can get enough date advice; people want to know where to go, what to say, what to eat, how to act. One of the most important questions in planning a date is deciding what to wear. First impressions can be everything and if you dislike someone’s outfit or your immediate reaction a bright yellow dress is to shield your eyes then it’s probably an early sign you are not going to gel.


Colours can evoke emotions, memories, moods and even auras for some people. Synaesthesia for example is a neurological condition which where the stimulation of one sense will involuntarily cause another sense to react. In one form of synaesthesia ‘grapheme’ or colour graphemic synaethesia For someone with this a number, a day of the week, a letter or a person will have a colour associated with them.


Clearly, colours are important in ways deeper than we always think. Meaning we should focus on colours as importantly as dress length, aftershave quantity or hair style when preparing for a date. Here are five tips for choosing colours and enjoying your date.


  1.    Avoid white.

Hopefully the reasons for this are obvious. Unless you are an incredibly careful and clean person the likliehood of you surviving an evening with food and drink without any spillages or mishaps on a crisp white shirt is very low. Similarly a white dress will show off any and shadows of underwear or hosiery which is never ideal.


    1. Be Natural

If you don’t usually wear green then don’t go for a green sweatshirt in the hope you will impress your date. Wear clothes and colours which are tried and tested. The chances are your favourite shade of red is your favourite because a) you feel comfortable in it and b)it suits you. The colours you usually wear can reveal a lot about you, so let them.


    1. Don’t be too Mysterious

Whilst a black t-shirt with a leather jacket might look stylish and aloof it might be that bit too mysterious for a date. You are showing the other person that you want to get to know them and that you will be open with them. Dressing in dark colours can give the impression you aren’t interested and as much as you might want to play hard to get you don’t want to seem completely uninterested.


    1. Remember your shoes and accessories

Most of us are guilty of putting all our time into which shirt, dress, skirt or jacket to wear and completely bypass accessories and shoes. A last minute dash to shove any shoes you can find on can result in a horrible clash, red dress, black tights and brown shoes, not something I would recommend. Make sure you don’t let yourself down at the last hurdle by jazzing up a plain item with something too bright and garish, remember to play it safe on the first few dates, test the water with anything wacky once your companion knows you better.


    1. Smile

As long as you make sure there is no red lipstick on your teeth or greens in between them make sure you relax and smile. Show that you are having a good time and enjoying the other persons company and the first impressions of your height, weight, hair colour and clothing will melt away to the real aim of a date, getting to know the other person.



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