Comprehensive Guide about Dental Implants

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Many of you will ask that what dental implant is. So a dental implant is a metallic root of a tooth. It is placed in your jaw bone by a dentist and it is then left for specific period of time to heal until the bone-implant union is strong enough to support a prosthetic tooth. The dental implants are made of titanium and other materials which are very well tolerated by the human body. And is one of the best options for replacing a tooth.

In past, dentists try to repair a tooth with treatments like root canals, bridges and dentures. Unfortunately, noteworthy number of root canal treated teeth failed, bridges has a requirement of cutting a healthy adjacent tooth, while dentures can often become unstable and requires the use of sticky adhesives. So dental implants are a solution to these problems eliminating most of the worries of the natural teeth including dental decay.

In case you are wondering, a dental implant tooth comprises of several parts. Details on these parts are described below.

  • Implant. It is made of titanium and is placed either in the upper or lower jawbone depending on the location of the treatment.
  • Abutment. It is made of different materials like titanium, porcelain or gold. It is attached to the implant with the help of a screw. Actually this part connects the implant to the crown.
  • Restoration. This part looks like a tooth and is actually a crown. It is usually made of porcelain fused to a metal alloy but also comes in two different constructions that is all-metallic or all-porcelain. The crown is attached to the abutment with the help of screw or cement, depending on the conditions.

In terms of looks and feels dental implants will be like a natural tooth because it fits securely when you chew or speak. A single-tooth implantation does not require any treatment to the adjacent teeth. One of the advantages of dental implants is if the surrounding teeth are healthy then they will remain untouched resulting in a maintained strength and integrity. The implants can also stabilize your bite and help prevent possible problems with the jaw.

Here is a list of some common dental implantation procedures followed by dentists at dental clinic.

  • Single-Tooth Implants. This type of implant is for single tooth replacement. The insertion of a single dental implant which is followed by the attachment of a single crown.
  • Fixed-Bridge on Implants. This procedure is for the replacement of two or more teeth. It comprises of the insertion of two dental implants which is spread across two, three or four teeth. It is then followed by the attachment of a fixed-bridge coving two, three or four teeth.
  • All-On-Four Dental Implant. This is the most extreme procedure of dental implantation and is for those who have lost most or all of their teeth. It involves the placement of four titanium dental implants either on the upper or lower jaw bone which is then followed by the attachment of a fixed denture that acts like a new set of teeth.


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