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How To Have More Confidence Around Women

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If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that becoming more confident around the ladies is perhaps one of the most complicated things ever. Sure confidence does not come easily to a lot of guys but there are actually secrets to make yourself a bit more self-assured around women without a hitch.

Boosting your confidence levels is really not that tough. You just have to learn a few useful tips to get the job done with flying colors. Here are some pointers that you should take note of to help you get started in no time at all:

Stop comparing yourself to other men.

A lot of guys tend to become less confident around women simply because they have this mindset that other men are richer and more attractive than they are. While this may sound surprising, attracting a woman is not all about looks or how extensive your bank account is. It’s rather about showing her why you deserve her time.

The next time you get in on a social mixer, try not to think about how loaded the other guy’s wallet may be or how much taller he is than you in comparison. Just make sure you show the ladies why you’re a keeper and you’re pretty much good to go.

Pay extra attention to your grooming.

Did you know that smelling and looking nice already gives you an extra boost of confidence around women? Scientific researchers claim that apart from removing dirt and grime that have accumulated all over your body, pampering yourself releases endorphins or “happy hormones” in your brain.

These hormones basically make you feel good and give you the ability to speak clearer and act more naturally around the ladies. Top it off with outfits that highlight your assets and you’re sure to be a hot commodity the next time you mingle with women.

Think happy thoughts.

Anticipating that something will go wrong even before meeting the ladies is one mistake that a lot of guys make that saps their confidence levels in the process. While getting a bit uneasy is quite normal when mingling with women, allowing yourself to get really anxious can easily lead to a panic attack sooner or later.

When you feel that you’re getting nervous, quickly think about happy thoughts to divert your mindset. Whether it’s imagining about that new sports car you saw on TV or perhaps biting into a slice of your favorite roast pork, make it a point to relax or else you will look extremely awkward to the ladies.

Establish a connection.

Making a connection with a woman you just met is a good way to lift your confidence when you’re with her. One of the biggest reasons why most guys tend to shy away from the ladies is because they feel that they’re just not good enough to be around them. They think that they are simply way out of their league.

While it may sound technical at first, establishing a connection is as easy as walking up to a woman, introducing yourself and ask her a very mundane question like what her favorite brand of soda is or is she a fan of comedy films. You’ll be surprised how meaningful the conversation becomes in a few minutes. How easy is that?

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