Construction Site Safety

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Construction sites keep America growing, and if you’re in charge of one you know that safety is serious business. There are thousands of injuries and deaths blamed on construction sites, most due to the “Fatal Four”:


  • Falls
  • Struck by Object
  • Electrocutions
  • Caught-in/between


Many injuries and deaths can be prevented by insuring workers are properly educated and always use protective gear-hard hats, steel toed shoes, gloves, safety harnesses, goggles, etc-when they are onsite. The equipment they use should be inspected regularly and keep in good working order. The site should be kept as clean as possible, with debris placed in a construction garbage container rather than left lying around.


Equipment should be properly stored when not in use and workers should not be expected to work when ill or take on unreasonably long hours. Fatigue can make people sloppy and that leads to accidents.


To protect the site from intruders and keep children and others from using it as a playground, make sure it is secured with a sturdy locked fence and gate. Depending on the location and scope of your project, you may want to hire security as well.


The most important thing to remember is you must strictly adhere to OSHA rules and regulations. You never known when you will be greeted with a surprise inspection, and if violations are found it could mean stiff fines and the possible shutdown of the project. Make sure you are adhering to all local and state laws and ordinances as well.


Should an accident happen, make sure your worker fills out an incident report and get statements from witnesses. Inspect the area and equipment involved for any signs of malfunction or defects. Don’t automatically place blame without having any proof.

Remember, taking the steps to make sure your site and workers are safe now can prevent tragedy later!

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