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What Consumers Look For When Choosing Their Next Perfume

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Buying perfume is a very personal thing because you’re making a decision on a particular smell that other people you come into contact with will associate with you. Most consumers will look for a scent that clearly appeals to them, but also that they believe others will find attractive too. There are a number of factors that a buyer will normally take into account – here are some of them:


Arguably this is the most important thing people consider when buying a new perfume, and also the first thing. If a scent is out of their price range then there is no chance they’re going to buy it. The huge range of products out there means that there’s something for everyone though. On one hand it is possible to spend more than £400 on a 50ml bottle of Clive Christian No.1 for Men, containing some of the world’s most rare and precious materials. Alternatively, you can spend £30 on a 200ml bottle of CK One from Calvin Klein.


One of the main reasons why people stick to a particular scent is not so much the way the product smells, but what that smell reminds them of. Smell is a powerful sense and the olfactory system that is responsible for this sense is closely linked with parts of the brain that are associated with memory and emotion. Everyone has experienced smelling a particular odour and being immediately reminded of a happy time in their past.


Pick an occasion and there will be a scent for it. No matter whether you’re heading out for a romantic meal, a posh party or looking for a perfume for everyday wear, you won’t have to look far to find something suitable.


Scents last for varying amounts of time, with some molecules taking longer than others to evaporate off the skin. This has to be a consideration as you might not want to, or even be able to, keep on reapplying the scent every five minutes even if it does smell gorgeous!


Every year the leading companies in the perfume industry will spend many millions of pounds on advertising and packaging designs for their new or revamped scents. After all, consumers are going to be far less likely to buy a product if it does not jump off the shelf at them. Packaging might be subtle or it might be garish – the main thing is that it needs to say something to shoppers who have yet to make up their mind what scent they will purchase.


Last but by no means least is how the scent actually smells. Consumers are always given the opportunity to test out scents thanks to the presence of tester bottles. Some people will be attracted by floral smells, while others will be more inclined to buy a perfume with a woody character, containing cedar, patchouli or sandalwood for example. Fruity notes can be achieved with ingredients such as grapefruit, lemon, and orange, while Oriental perfumes will often contain hints of musk and vanilla.

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Guest post contributed by Lauren Arnold, an avid shopper for cheap perfume available at the fragrance shop.

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