How To Cost Effectively Refurbish Your Home For The New Year

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A new year means a fresh start for both you and your home, it also unfortunately means you are probably short of money following the Christmas and new year festivities and don’t really have the expendable income to splash out on lavish gifts! It is still possible to make a big difference on a shoe string budget you just need to be creative, think outside the box and be prepared to hunt down a bargain or two. Here are some ideas to consider when looking to refurbish.

Starting with the overall decoration of the room it is amazing what a difference a new lick of paint and some cleaning can do. Painting the room a different colour is always nice as it makes the room feel totally different and thankfully paint isnt too expensive. To clean your floors you can hire a steam cleaner from a local hire shop or get an experienced professional in to do it for you. If you have light coloured carpets you won’t realise the overall gradual build up of dirt and then when they are deep steam cleaned you will be amazed at the results and how much brighter the room is.

Next it is time to move on to accessories, accessories are the make or break aspect of any room and can have a big impact. If you wish to either find a few new pieces or maybe move to a different style for your room then go hunting in some of the local markets, second hard furniture shops or car boot sales. There are often some great deals to be had and even if there are some marks or scratches on the furniture they can easily be removed with some sandpaper and another coat of varnish. Aside from furniture there are also items like rugs and curtains that add detail and create the colour scheme of your room so try and make sure if you are going to spend any real kind of money that you do it on these objects.

Finally, it is the finishing touches such as clocks, lampshades, decoration and CD holders. If you are looking for contemporary items like these then pay a visit to Contemporary Heaven.

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