Try something new for your next costume party!

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No matter what time of year it is, it’s a virtual guarantee that your next costume party will be just around the corner; whether you’re the host or the guest. We all know that Halloween is the day when most people like to dress up – the number of parties across the world is verging on crazy – but there’s nothing stopping you trying something a little bit different to the rest. There are enough Woody from ‘Toy Story’  and Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’ costumes clogging up today’s parties so why not try one of the following ideas to get yourself noticed and truly stand out from the crowd?


Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past ten or twenty years, then you’ve probably noticed the recent rise in the number of burlesque events that have been popping up across the globe. Since the film ‘Moulin Rouge’ came out (along with the less successful ‘Burlesque!), many amateur dancers have been trying to come through the ranks to be as big a star as Dita Von Teese. If you don’t feel like entering this bit of the showbiz world, but really like the outfits then why not try and get one of your own. You can find yourself a cheap feather boa from a thrift store if you look hard enough and will no doubt be able to find a cheap pair of stockings and even a good quality and low priced bustier online. Couple that with one of your favorite skirts and heels and you’re ready to rock!


If you’ve heard of Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman then there’s a good chance you know what that word means. For those unlucky enough  not to, then it’s quite simple. Steampunk is the mixing together of the past and the future; all in one costume. Take a Victorian look such as a corset, coupled with a long flowing skirt (this is for the girls, obviously!) and you’re already half way there. The fun with steampunk costuming is the accessories, and this is where the futuristic element comes in. Bling up a cellphone Victorian style by getting a stylised case, or even create your own futuristic weaponry using old electronics eating up space around the house. It sounds crazy, but believe me; it works.


Obviously, if you’re going to a party, there’s going to be music. If you want to dance the night away then you could do a lot worse than dress up in a 1950s rock and roll style known as rockabilly. A mixture of rock and country (then sometimes called ‘hillbilly’!), you’ll certainly get plenty of heads turning if you can find the right outfit. Victory rolls for the hair – again, for the ladies – and a polka dot top will sort out the top half. Couple that with a rah-rah skirt (if you can’t find one, improvise!) and either a brightly colored pumps or heels – depending on how much dancing you’re looking to do! Just make sure that you call in advance to book a little bit of Elvis or The Stray Cats on the playlist, so you can really show off your moves.

Ben Gallivan is a fashion writer who specialises in vintage fashion. He writes for Corset Story who supply all the things you could possibly need for a burlesque outfit; such as corsets, fascinators and stockings.

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